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7-5, & Not Looking Good...

Let's be realistic, we're not ready for a Super Bowl run THIS year; however, we will be set and even more dominating on defense in 2006. Parcells made a promise to fix the defense, and he did so - Great job! Not only did we change our primary scheme to the 3-4, but we've been successful in doing so. In addition, we have several rookies playing critical roles and making plays. I'm very impressed.

Now comes the offense...Will Parcells make another promise to repair the offense? I think he will do this during the 2006 offseason. Hopefully we'll bring in a free agent or two on offense, and draft offense.

This may all sound like I've given up on the Cowboys and looking ahead, but this is NOT the case by any means. We're still in the hunt, but we have to dig ourselves out of the grave we've made.

At 7-5, let's make a prediction on the rest of the games and our final record. We can come back and look at this new entry in a few weeks and see how I faired.

We have:
Chiefs (LOSS)
@Redskins (WIN)
@Carolina (LOSS)
Rams (WIN)
Final Record 9-7 miss the playoffs

As I write this article, I'm thinking how nice it would be to crush the Chiefs, and I hope we do; however, the Chiefs are peaking right now, and we seem to be in shambles on offense, reminds me of the offenses we ran in 2003. Please Get rid of Sean Payton (Ernie Zampese Incarnate).

Go Cowboys!


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