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Offensive Woes Continue

The two most significant developments that have greatly effected our offensive line were the Jacob Rogers RT fiasco, an official 2nd round bust; and the season ending MCL injury to LT Flozell Adams. We seemed to be doing ok with Rob at RT, since we were able to help him out with a TE, but when Flo went down, this spelled impending doom. We now faced the daunting task of starting two very mediocre tackles and a "we'll see what happens" attitude. The results are in.... and the Cowboys are in trouble, and our playoffs hopes are quickly slipping away.

Either way you cut it, our offensive shortcomings start with the offensive line. Injury, inconsistent play, and penalties have plagued us all year, and now come the last two games of the year - MUST WINS @ Carolina and at home against the Rams.

Current starters
LT - Torrin Tucker: Continues to get beat on a consistent basis, an inadequate reserve, we're in trouble here the rest of the year.

LG - Larry Allen: LA has been doing pretty good for the most part and continues to be the only bright spot on the offensive line.

C - Al Johnson: Has played horrible all year long, can't handle the bigger/faster DT, look for the Cowboys to make a move here in 2006

RG - Marco Rivera: Hasn't played upto par this year, pretty disappointing in the eyes of many fans. The Pro-Bowl is NOT there. We spent alot of money on Rivera, and I would not be surprised if we made a move here in 2006 as well.

RT - Rob Petitti: For a rookie starting all 16 games, Petitti has done fair, but at times has looked straightup horrible. Petitti is a short term, I fully expect a move here in 2006.

We drafted Stephen Peterman in the 3rd round 2yrs ago, and I think its time to get a look at him. The 2006 offseason should be another active one whether it be in free agency or through the NFL draft. I expect offense to be the main focus.

If the line repeats its performance against the Panthers you can stick a fork in us. We'll be done and out.


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7-5, & Not Looking Good...

Let's be realistic, we're not ready for a Super Bowl run THIS year; however, we will be set and even more dominating on defense in 2006. Parcells made a promise to fix the defense, and he did so - Great job! Not only did we change our primary scheme to the 3-4, but we've been successful in doing so. In addition, we have several rookies playing critical roles and making plays. I'm very impressed.

Now comes the offense...Will Parcells make another promise to repair the offense? I think he will do this during the 2006 offseason. Hopefully we'll bring in a free agent or two on offense, and draft offense.

This may all sound like I've given up on the Cowboys and looking ahead, but this is NOT the case by any means. We're still in the hunt, but we have to dig ourselves out of the grave we've made.

At 7-5, let's make a prediction on the rest of the games and our final record. We can come back and look at this new entry in a few weeks and see how I faired.

We have:
Chiefs (LOSS)
@Redskins (WIN)
@Carolina (LOSS)
Rams (WIN)
Final Record 9-7 miss the playoffs

As I write this article, I'm thinking how nice it would be to crush the Chiefs, and I hope we do; however, the Chiefs are peaking right now, and we seem to be in shambles on offense, reminds me of the offenses we ran in 2003. Please Get rid of Sean Payton (Ernie Zampese Incarnate).

Go Cowboys!