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Payton's Play Calling Must End NOW

So, the Cowboys lose today, in a game that was certainly winnable. Cowboys drop a heart breaker 13-19, at the "Blackhole" hopefully the Blackhole sucked out the rest of our coordinators crap play calling with it.

I'm going to say that we are lucky to be at 2-2. We have had way too many close games, we've had no tempo, started ALL our games slow and flat. Four nailbitter games is not the way to win games. So what's the issue, we're only at .500? Well, that may true, but we're lucky to be .500 with the play calling that is being made.

Player perservance has gotten us through it all. We have the hunger, and we have the personnel to win games; however, should we continue with the predictable bullxxxx play calling, then we're in for a very long year. Let's attack, let's get that killer instinct mentality on offense.


  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger olhickory said…

    Well said. I was at the game yesterday, in my Cowboys jersey, sitting in the 7th row about two sections away from the 'Black Hole.' Needless to say, I endured quite a lot of heckling. It wasn't as bad as I expected though, most of the fans were just having a good time.

    Anyways, you put it perfectly - the offense looks like it's tip-toeing for the first couple quarters. Very very conservative play-calling and by the time Payton opens it up, we're down by 10 points. Play calling is one thing, but O-line and Julius Jones deserve some blame too. I love Jones, but is it just me or has he looked pretty tentative so far this season? Of course they've faced some tough run defenses, but he has yet to break a really big run (not sure but I don't remember anything over 15 yards).

    'Killer instinct' is definitely what we need to see more of on offense. J. Jones needs to get the chip back on his shoulder that he played with last year after falling to the 2nd round of the draft. Allen and Flo have to start a few fights and get some attitude back on the offense.

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger CowboyFreak said…

    I disagree. There was nothing wrong with the game plan put together by Sean Payton. The philosophy is still the in-your-face ass-kicking brand of football pioneered by Vince Lombardi and refined by Bill Parcells.

    Our problem is mistakes. Did you happen to notice how many blocks we missed on Sunday? Using Tivo to rewind, I counted 14 missed blocks on 2nd and 3rd downs, including 6 plays on which both Adams and Allen both missed their assignments. The best of the group yesterday were Guroude and Johnson - both young players! Our $9,000,000 signing-bonus man, Ron Rivera, played like an old fart with a bad back, and Rob Pettiti was serviceable at best.

    My question to you gentlemen is this - how in the hell can ANY game plan work if your offensive line has decided not to show up for a game? What is Payton supposed to do, abandon the entire game plan and "wing it"?

    You have to trust your linemen to execute their assignments. Even though ours did a horrendous job on Sunday, Bledsoe put us in position to win with his arm like the old-school gunslinger that he is, despite getting hounded all day long by the defense.

    While it may have all come down to one play - Bledsoe missing a wide open Witten in the back of the end zone and throwing incomplete to Glenn on the 1 yard-line, make no mistake about it, we lost the game on the line of scrimmage last Sunday.

    Of course Julius Jones looks tentative this season, he's getting his teeth knocked in on every play! It's a testament to his talent and discipline that he does not have more than 1 or 2 carries for negative yardage!

    Gentlemen, if our line insists on sucking this much ass against Philly this other words, if they can't get up for a game like's going to be a looong season.


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