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Winning Is Our Business: Cowboys Win Opener, 28-24

The Cowboys Set the tone, Domination 2005 is now in full effect. Not only did the Cowboys stayed focused, we stepped up to the challenge. The Chargers were 12-4 for a reason last year, they are a pretty good team, a contende,r and a victory on their home turf really bodes well for our team.

The game started out on a wrong foot when the Chargers drove and scored at will, the next series was even worse with the insanity of 5 consecutive offensive penalties against our O-line

It appeared that the Cowboys had settled down, and dug in. An all heavyweight bout then ensued, with both teams answering each other scores.

As predicted, special teams played a key element in today's game, on both sides. Darren Sproles was explosive and dangerous; however, the Cowboys were able to capitalize on some poor punts from the Chargers in the 4th Quarter.

Its hard to say what player deserves today's Gameball - it really is, it could even be said the WHOLE team deserves the gameball, it was a complete team effort!

Roy Williams was all over the field, Anthony Henry showed why we chose him in free agency, rookies Ware, Spears, and Canty were bringing the pressure and helped contain LT and the Chargers offense.

On Offense, Drew Bledsoe played a near perfect game, his debut was impressive to say the least. Patrick Crayton is going to be something special for the Cowboys, he is the real deal people! If you aren't on the Crayton wagon, you better be. Keyshawn, Glenn, Julius, Witten, also contributed in key drives, everyone stepped up.



  • At 5:08 PM, Blogger H Cox said…

    The game was an overall success to say the least. The only hangup was kick return coverage and that will be dealt with by Parcells.

    Crayton took full advantage with San Diego keying on Jason Witten. More than once the coverage slid over on Witten and Crayton made them pay for it.

    The DL contained a very good RB and got pressure on Drew Brees as well.

    A very solid win against an AFC contender. 2005 is off to a great start.


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