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By Howard Cox

NO I am not talking about Bledsoe dropping back and letting one air out for Terry Glenn to run under. What I am talking about is the rotation depth the Dallas Cowboys now possess along the defensive line. YES once again they have enough talented players to rotate through and not lose a great amount of ability while doing it. Why is this important you ask? Just listen to what DT LaRoi Glover had to say about that very situation. "I thought we were a lot fresher at the end," Glover said. "It helps to have six linemen you can count on like that. We've got some rookies out there, but guys like myself, Greg and (Ferguson), you need some veterans who have been through the fire."

The team has not had a serious depth advantage on the defense since the early ‘90s. Here are those guys that now return that depth to the franchise: DT LaRoi Glover, Jason Ferguson, DEs Greg Ellis, Kenyon Coleman, Chris Canty and Marcus Spears. Also, if they wish to use them OLBs DeMarcus Ware and Eric Ogbogu can play the DE position when the team moves to a 4-man front. Glover and Ferguson are solid players in the middle of the line and give great push from there on pass or run plays. Ellis and Coleman are good from the ends, although Coleman has flashed signs of greater ability in the 3-4 scheme. Rookies Spears and Canty can play either DT or DE depending on what the coaching staff desires. All of this spells success for a revamped defense. As stated by Glover this allows the starters to be fresher at the end of the game. Why is this important? Just go back to the game vs. San Diego. The Chargers possess one of the top, if not the top Running Back in the league. He was held to only 72 yards rushing and pretty much wasn’t used in the 4th quarter, especially absent on 4 chances to get into the endzone from the 7-yard line when the game was on the line. With fresh legs the starters could still key on containing Tomlinson and also put pressure on the QB for passing downs. The end result was NO touchdown for the Chargers and a victory for Dallas.

Now mistakes were made and some assignments will have to be worked out, especially for the rookies. That is expected when so many young players are added to the mix and the scheme is new for most of the veterans as well. Look forward for the DL to get stronger as they mold into a solid unit and give opposing offenses fits. I love it because at the end of the game when a lot of teams run the ball at will on tired defensive linemen, they no longer have that luxury against the Cowboys and will have to still face talented, rested players from either the first or second unit.

Man I love having the ability to GO DEEP again!!!! How ‘bout them Cowboys?!?!?


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