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Dallas Cowboys Game Review for Week 3

Opponent: San Francisco 49ers
Final Score: 34-31
Overall Record: 2-1
Fantasy Stud w/ stats: Drew Bledsoe 24 for 38 363yards 2TDs 2INTS
Fantasy Dud w/ stats: Patrick Crayton 4 catches for 39yards 0TDS

Overall Recap: Niner’s OLB Julian Peterson guaranteed a win over the Cowboys; unfortunately he did not consider the heart and class of a Parcells’ ran team. At the end of the game the Cowboys got the “W” and Peterson & Co. stay losers. The Cowboys started out the game slow and totally out of sync. This is becoming a regular thing for the Cowboys. In the last three games the Cowboys have started out slow. The Cowboys started out the game down 21-6 and the offense and defense was looking totally deflated. The Cowboys were able to avoid disaster before the half by stopping the 49ers and ending the half down 24-12. The second half started out even, but the Cowboys made the comeback run in the 4th quarter by scoring 15 points. Bledsoe clutched out another game.

QB play: Drew Bledsoe had 2TDS and 2INTS, and led the Cowboys to the game winning drive. Bledsoe made the hard passes and was able to move the ball when the time came to do so. Bledsoe again, showed his experience and composure in the pocket. Drew Bledsoe gets my MVP award for week 3.

RB play: Julius Jones carried the load again 26 times for 85yrds and 2TDS. The Niners supposedly did not have a great run defense, but they did a great job slowing down Julius Jones. Like the rest of the offense, Julius has started out the games slow, but eventually made some key runs for us down the stretch.

WR play: If I had another gameball to handout it would be to Keyshawn Johnson. Keyshawn had another awesome performance against the Niners. Key 5 catches for 74yrds 1TD and a 2pt conversion. Key has become a favorite target for Bledsoe recently and you can expect the same the rest of the year. Terry Glenn was the other WR that had some great game breaking catches when we needed them Glenn made critical 1st downs and racked up 137yrds on 5 catches. Patrick Crayton was held to 4 catches for 39yrds.

TE play: We all knew Witten would need to be more involved in the offense sooner or later, and against the Niners, Witten had 6 catches for 85yrds and 1TD. Witten was slowed down in the 2nd half of the game, but his play had to be respected, thus opening it up for the other WRs.

K play: Jose Cortez missed an extra point, and is not a fan favorite, no one has confidence in him making the clutch kicks.

DST play: The Defense had some major breakdowns with tackling and issues in the secondary. The Defense gave up 31 points. The defense is currently ranked 21overall

Dallas Cowboys Week 4 Preview

Record: 2-1
Opponent and Opponent's Record: Oakland Raiders 0-3
Projected Score: Cowboys 27 Raiders 24
Prediction Record: (did you win your prediction or lose?) 3-1
Projected Fantasy Stud w/ stats: Drew Bledsoe 220yrds 3TDS 1INTS
Projected Fantasy Dud w/ stats: Patrick Crayton 3 catches 50 yrs 0TDS

Overall Preview: The Cowboys just finished another thriller, and will actually remain in the Bay Area since their next opponent is the Oakland Raiders. Although the Raiders are 0-3, by no means does this mean the Cowboys are guaranteed a win. In fact, it’s possible the Cowboys could lose. The Cowboys have shown they can step toe-to-toe in a shoot out. Only difference in this game is that the Raiders have the “Cowboys Killer” in Randy Moss. Randy Moss has just about beaten the Cowboys on his own over the years, and you can bet this game will be no different. Both these teams matchup well, similar offenses, and the defensive players are similar as well. The key as usual will be penalties and turnovers.

QB preview: Bledsoe will have to be spot-on accurate against the Raiders secondary, they are fast and quick to the ball. Bledsoe will need to deliver the ball where only the receiver can catch the ball. We should see more involvement from the TE again, and from the slot receiver.

RB preview: Julius is still looking for a breakout game, and he may have to wait one more week. The Raiders run defense is pretty stout, and has pretty much shut down RBs like Dillon and Westbrook. Julius will have to earn every yard possible.

WR preview: Speedy receivers Glenn and Price will not be a big factor, because the Raiders have very fast CBs to cancel out the speed factor, that will leave experience and technique, and that means Keyshawn. Look for Keyshawn to work the field and catch the ball on slants, out patterns. Keyshawn knows how to manipulate the field, and knows how to beat the Raiders secondary. Crayton is a similar type WR, he can find the open field, but he is still a little raw in his technique. Crayton could be the x-factor against the Raiders.

TE preview: Witten was a force that demanded respect in coverage, and the Cowboys will need Witten again against the Raiders. This is going to be a chess game all day, and the Cowboys definitely have the upper hand in the TE matchups. If Witten can demand some coverage from a LB or safety, then this will give the Cowboys some opportunities down the field and in the running attack.

PK preview: The Cowboys DO NOT want the game to come down to a game winning field goal, so the Cowboys will try to convert all their redzone attempts into TDs. Cortez is not reliable

DST preview: Whether you like the 3-4 defense or not, the defense has come through down the stretch. They have yet to dominate or manhandle anyone yet, in fact, you can say offenses have located the Cowboys weakness, and this resides in the secondary. Henry and Newman are stars at CB, but sometimes it’s required that they get some help from the safeties. Roy Williams is not stellar in deep coverage; he’s your roaming type and box safety. This brings us to Keith Davis, our special teams ace. 3 weeks into the season is enough for fans to have true concerns over Davis’ play. Fans love him, but his inexperience at FS is showing and offenses are exploiting it every chance they get. Either Davis improves his reads, or you will see another safety back there, Willie Pile or possibly Jacques Reeves – the speedy CB/Safety.


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