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The QB Saga for #2 Heats Up

Before the Pre-Season starts for the Cowboys there some ridiculous rants about trading for other QBs around the league, other unprovens which we won't name. But c'mon the season hasn't started and you want to trade for another backup QB and give up on Henson and Romo. I for one am NOT a part of this unfaithful movement.

Here's what we can expect for tomorrow's game:
• Bledsoe will play and do well
• Either Henson or Romo will start with the 2nd team ( immediately some will read too much into this, DON'T)
• Romo will get some substantial time, he may do well, and he may turn the ball over
• Henson will also play some substantial time, he may do well, and he also may turn the ball over

The point is not get carried away with who starts after Bledsoe, Parcells will switch it up until he is comfortable with naming the #2QB, and guess what, that may not happen until the end of the pre-season, so be prepared either way.

We will not be trading for another QB right now, let the pre-season and camp battles play out before calling for heads of Romo or Henson, Parcells knows best.


  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger H Cox said…

    After the game against the Cardinals none of them looked good. Although the game was close, by the score, our offense never got off the bus.

  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Italy Bob said…

    O line has same problem as last year. Defense? Nearly 200 yards in the first half does not bode well. But it was the first pre-season game let's hold out hope that big Bill can get them on the right track.


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