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One Preseason Game Does Not Make A Season

I found myself over analyzing the game on Saturday by half time. Just as you were doing I presume. “Come on Bledsoe...” was used the most in the first half. “This offensive line is p****** me off…” was the loudest of all the rants. “How the **** do you get a false start penalty on the ******* game winning kick!!!” had the most energy behind it. It’s been a few days and I am calming down. Time heals all wounds.

Drew Bledsoe will be a good quarterback this season. He has been a good quarterback his whole career. Good quarterbacks are hard to find in the NFL. Give the man a break on last Saturday’s game; he isn’t Super Man ya know. How many quarterbacks can get a nice pass off with some defensive lineman hanging around his neck? None.

Who the heck is going be the Right Tackle and can he do a good job? Right now no one has the answer to this question. If something doesn’t sprout up by the end of the Seahawk’s game I will be scouring the waiver wire along with the coaching staff. Jerry Jones usually had some knee jerk reaction when a position is that bad, but he’s been the good owner so far this training camp. Matter of fact he’s been good the last couple of years. But if there were some free agent out there that could do a better job and had no baggage he would have a room in Oxnard right about now. Petitti is getting the chance because Rogers blew his shot by having too many MRI’s. Tucker is working out the final details of his house be put on the market. They are deciding if he should use his real name in the listing. This guy cannot play a game at Texas Stadium this season.

Romo or Henson? How about Bledsoe. This back up quarterback thing is too big for me. Whoever wins isn’t going to matter much because the season is riding on Bledsoe getting the job done. If he does go down the guy that comes in to replace him will not be an upgrade. Henson has a nice lively arm and Romo has moxie. I am on the fence here. Call me back next Tuesday.

Defense, defense, defense! 3-4 is ok. I liked it because of the ability to rush from the edge. I am sick of waiting for Ellis to get me the sack. The time for a new guy to come in and be the sack specialist has arrived and Demarcus Ware can get that job done in the 3-4 defense. Work with what you have on the roster is all you can ask for. The scheme works well against soft teams because it’s all about physicality. I think once some of these rookies get a little more time in this defense they will be able to let it all hang out and become more aggressive. Burnett is a player, trust me on that one.

Missed seeing Spears and Ferguson out there holding down the line. Hopefully we get Spears back before the season. No matter when he comes back he will be in immediate action mode. He ain’t no QB here, the game at the Defensive End position is about being a man amongst men.

Keyshawn wasn’t getting open enough for Bledsoe, but these two will come to an understanding soon enough. Throw the ball and Keyshawn will use his body to shield the defender and it will be an easy catch. This QB-WR relationship will need some time to grow. The Terry Glenn thing is just about making sure you get the ball out quick enough for him while he’s open. Sometimes he is so fast through the middle or underneath he runs right into another coverage. Both of these WR’s are veterans so I expect them to work out the kinks with Bledsoe shortly.

Witten is a monster huh. I am not backing up on my prediction that he has 100 catches this season. He’s so reliable you just want to keep throwing it to him, just ask Tony Romo.

Cundiff! What are you doing buddy? You were supposed to miss the one on the false start and make the next one to win the game. Get it right next time or Jose Cortez will be calling Dallas home.

It was one game folks and I know the Cowboys are better than a 13-11 loss to the Cardinals in one lousy pre seasons game. Guess what? It was only the first of the 2005 season! Get ready for the Seahawks with John Madden. Remember Julius bursting into the end zone for the win last year. Ju-lee-us, Ju-lee-us, Ju-lee-us!

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