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Things Need To Change At Texas Stadium

Last season while watching the Cowboys vs. Steelers in Week 6 I saw something that immediately turned my stomach. I was in shock thinking this could be happening to the Dallas freaking Cowboys. No, I am not talking about Richie Anderson bumping into Vinny Testaverde and causing that stupid fumble. My sudden illness was brought on by the idea that more noise was being made by the visiting Steeler’s fans and not from the home team Cowboy’s fans. The announcers then politely pointed it out to all of us out there in TV land which was equal to pouring salt on the wounds, thanks guys!

One question. How can one of the most loved and successful teams in all of sports have such lackluster fans at home games? That disgusting incident made me want to pack up the family and get my ass down to Texas. I am a New Yorker by the way and have been to a handful of games out at Giants Stadium to cheer on the Cowboys. If I could afford it I would fly to Texas and be at each Cowboy’s game going nuts on every play, but unless Jerry Jones calls me with an expense paid invite it isn’t happening. I do play lotto every week though, so there is hope!

Make it a point to change this lack of vocal and emotional support this season people. To everyone in Texas that attends the Cowboy’s games I would like the following to happen in 2005.

1. Get some sort of area in the stadium designated as the “BeWare Zone”. I have seen a handful of people on various message boards using this moniker for the rookie pass rusher Demarcus Ware. Get posters, get T-Shirts made up, wear face paint, wear BeWare hats, have everyone get a #94 Ware jersey and most of all get louder than any other section in the stadium when this kid makes a play.

2. The Redskins are coming to Texas Stadium in Week 2. I don’t want them to be able to hear their thoughts again until Week 5. Every time Clinton Portis touches the ball I want to hear a chant of “Earl Sucks”. That’s his middle name. He’s the type of guy who will be affected by this and before you know it he will fumble and Marcus Spears will pick it up and run for a TD.

3. The most vocal guy on the offense is Keyshawn Johnson, he might just be the most vocal guy in the NFL. Repay him for his ability to get the team pumped up. Remember when Daryl Johnston carried the ball the fans would chant “Mooooose”. Well now you have to chant “Keeeeeyyy” when Keyshawn makes a catch. This let’s Keyshawn know you love him, plus it let’s the other team know you hate them because this will lead to Keyshawn talking more than ever. I am sure the opposing defense will love that one.

4. Do you think it’s harder or easier to kick a field goal with 65,000 people screaming at you? As soon as the opposing team’s kicker comes out for a field goal try I want his helmet rattling from all the noise in Texas Stadium. There is no weather factor in Texas, but you can create a noise factor.

5. This last one is very important. When the Cowboys score a TD make it seem like they won the Super Bowl. Don’t just clap and sit down. Start clapping and yelling and cheering and jumping up and down and clapping some more and cheering some more. If all the fans are still cheering when the opposing team comes on the field and are forced into a three and out the Cowboys keep the momentum. These guys are busting their hump all year round. They deserve to know that when they get the job done that it’s appreciated.

We all know about other NFL teams who have these same sort of things happening in their stadiums. The Raiders have the “Black Hole”, the Steelers have brought back the “Terrible Towel” and the Chiefs fans create a sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium. You need to get involved as much, if not more than these other cities do for their home teams.

Coach Parcells will chose 53 guys to trot out there every week to try and win a football game. The offense will have 11 guys working together to score points. The defense will line up 11 guys thirsty for a sack or a turnover. How about the fans out at the game take it upon themselves to add a 12th man to each squad. I know every coach in the NFL would love having that kind of advantage for his team.

Who knows, this extra man may lead to that one win which helps the Cowboys get in the playoffs!



  • At 1:10 AM, Blogger Joe Rodriguez (Owner) said…

    Great article bro, I couldnt agree more with you.

  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger RandyWhite54 said…

    This problem has been happening for years. I saw it in the Thanksgiving Dallas/Minny game a few years back. There was so much purple you would have sworn you were in Minny. Then to rub salt in the wound there were a bunch of drunk Viking fans mocking and hassling the crowd as they walked to their cars. i know cause I saw it.

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Californioca said…

    Opposing fans should NEVER, EVER be more visible or be louder. Specially Philly fans. That would be the most abject thing ever.

    How about the Cowboy's office? Their markeitng people should get involved in helping us fans to get united and get loud! The stupid Angels rally monkey didn't just happen -- it was supported by the team's marketing efforts at the stadium. Everyone talked about it. Everyone knew about it. It was succesful. So c'mon Cowboys! If your fans are creating the BeWare Zone, please respond and promote it or be creative and introduce something else. Help us out!


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