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Domination 2005 Begins Now!

Die Hards of the world, the wait is finally over, football is officially on baby! We've been through a great offseason with our die hard coverage, all the way from all our free agency speculation, our mock draft blowout, until right now. Right now is our time. The Dallas Cowboys have made the committment to the club and to the die hard fans of the world - we are back in this. We have the players, coaches, and that hunger of a young dynasty in the making. A dynasty in the making? That's this overspeculation by a die hard to another? possibly, but you cannot deny the direction in which the Cowboys are heading.

We shall see the swarming defense rear is its ugly head again, the doomsdays defenses of yesteryear will be proud and we will be victorious in our goals for 2005. All offseason I've been dubbing this year as 'Domination 2005' This is the year that the defense will manhandle and take over games. In addition, the offense will be a handleful for many defenses in the league, we have the weaponry, the artillery, the commanders, leaders, we are poised to push the Eagirls, and possibly more. Opposing teams will not call us 'losers' will we be a force to be reckoned with.

I'm gonna go with a bold prediction and state that we will be a 11-5 team or better. Fellow Die Hards, today marks a new beginning in Cowboys history - the Tradition of Excellence kicks off today.

God bless the organization, the coaches, our players, fellow die hard fans, and lets have a great camp.

Lets kick some fuckin ass!


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