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Jumping To Conclusions

Let's do it. I am taking into account all the reports about the Cowboy's recent three-day minicamp and the Bill Parcells comments from the two press conferences.

Here we go...

Torrin Tucker is a goner. How in the world do you come to this minicamp overweight after being benched for the last three games of 2004? Coach Parcells was pissed as he should be. He is in this business to win football games, not babysit grown men. This was a sign of disrespect on Tucker's behalf. I am sure Coach Parcells will cut him and his other players should see it as a lesson being taught to an undisciplined football player.

Jason Witten is the key to the Cowboys offense in 2005. Most of you will say it's Julius Jones, but don't expect him to have 30 carries a game at any point this season. Witten will be Bledsoe's favorite target from the start. He will be Coach Parcells "Ben Coates" from his days in New England. This might sound crazy, but I think Witten will have 100 catches in 2005.

Keith Davis will win the Free Safety job and won't give it up for the next 7 seasons. Davis has three things going for him. He's a ballhawk. He's a great tackler, as is evident from his great special teams work. He has the speed to cover WR's, TE's and RB's. "Killer" Keith Davis is the real deal in Dallas folks.

Kurt Vollers is the Right Tackle for 2005. He is the best player out of the candidates at that position. He has bulked up this off-season and that alone shows Coach Parcells he wants the job. Having Marco Rivera over there makes it easier to accept Vollers on the end. Coach Parcells knows his strength is using two tight end sets, so I am sure we will see Dan Campbell lined up outside Vollers on most downs.

Scott Shanle will start at the other Inside Linebacker spot. He will beat out Bradie James in training camp this season. He played good football last season when Coach Parcells threw him into the mix. James just doesn't seem to make plays when he has the opportunity. That is just the opposite of what Coach Parcells is looking for in this new 3-4 defense. Shanle makes plays and that will get him on the field this season.

Lousaka Polite will be the Fullback this season. The team will mostly be running a one back set so the Fullback won't be as important as in previous season, but Polite will win the job over Darian Barnes. Barnes is a nice special team's player, but one of these young linebackers will take his role on special teams. Remember, now with a 3-4 defense we need extra linebackers on the roster in 2005.

One more quick one, Drew Bledsoe will make the NFC Pro Bowl in 2005.


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