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Coach Parcells’ Blueprint Just About Complete In Dallas

Bill Parcells came to the Dallas Cowboys to win football games. We all know this is his job as the football coach, but he has also changed the culture for this Cowboy franchise. He is putting together a team who can be proud of themselves no matter the score at the end of the game.

There are no more radios blasting out at the mini-camp practices, no more domino games in the locker room and no more thugs need apply for a job with the Dallas Cowboys. As a lifelong Cowboy’s fan I am happy about the changes made by Coach Parcells over the last two seasons. In the long run I feel the team will not only win more games due to these changes, but will also garner more respect from the other 31 franchises. The days of the Cowboys being laughed at as a franchise making all the wrong moves are long gone. The new Cowboys mantra is more of a business like attitude where the guy next to you is working just as hard for a common goal, a Super Bowl victory.

Does this new culture guarantee the Cowboys a Super Bowl win in the coming seasons. No, but in the world of NFL football nothing is guaranteed. Coach Parcells knows the importance of having players do the right thing on the field, as well as off the field. A team definitely gives itself a better chance to win when the players are focused on football, not focused on troubling off the field issues. Those types of players are unreliable and unpredictable in nature so they are never good teammates.

A prime example is the situations in Washington and Philadelphia right now. I would be ashamed to be a Redskins fan right about now. Players are holding out, shooting up South Florida and the entire team is in disarray. If you’re an Eagle’s fan you must be sick to your stomach. You finally get to a Super Bowl, lose it and now when the goal of winning the damn thing is certainly within reach the most important players are holding out for more money. If it was any other team I would feel bad for them, but it’s the Eagles so I say let them rot! Back to the Redskins, I do feel bad for Coach Gibbs. He comes back to the NFL to a storied franchise and this is the respect these young players are showing him? Pathetic.

I can easily say that Coach Parcells would not put up with the Sean Taylor’s of the world anymore. He said it himself in one of his press conferences; he’s too old for thugs. Having Jerry Jones on board with this way of thinking is also refreshing to hear as a Cowboys fan. Back in the 90’s when the team was winning Super Bowls some of the players on those teams weren’t the greatest of citizens. I have seen at least one documentary tarnishing that Cowboy Dynasty by showing numerous players in handcuffs after being arrested.

Wouldn’t is be great if Coach Parcells could bring a championship back to the Cowboys with players loved by fans for their efforts on the field as well as their efforts to be solid citizens off the field? Hell yeah!

As football fans all we can ask for is that these coaches and players head out there and give it their best shot on Sunday afternoons. As Cowboy fans we should be happy that Coach Parcells is putting together a team that we can be proud of whether they win or lose. Of course I would be a tad bit more proud if we won all the games though.

Jerry Jones and Coach Parcells' goals are one in the same, to win a Super Bowl. Being able to do it together with a group of players who are heroes on and off the field will only make the celebration that much sweeter.



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