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Larry Allen - The Solution at Right Tackle
by Brian Aust

Bill started it. He created the mystery. He challenged us, saying that we wouldn’t be able to figure it out his intentions. Since Bill laid down the challenge, every self-respecting Cowboy fan has been trying to figure out who Bill envisions starting on the right side this year.

After carefully balancing the issues at hand, it’s becoming clear that moving Larry Allen to the right side makes the most sense.

First, you have to dismiss the current roster options.

It’s reasonably clear that Bill doesn’t think any right bookend on the roster is going to work out. After all, he did raise the question for us. I understand working under a black cloud, but, simply by saying that he’s put thought into a mystery plan suggests that he’s preparing for when Vollers and Tucker fail to prove themselves.

Rogers is still battling and injury, and doesn’t have enough experience at RT to seriously be considered for the job. Petitti is going to stay with what he knows on the left side. Noll has reportedly been working over at RT, and he doesn’t bring a wealth of experience either.

Then you have Larry Allen. He’s been to the Pro Bowl at tackle. He’s one of the best lineman to ever play the game. He appears to have shown up to camp in better shape and more dedicated than ever. It’s a no brainer, right? I think so. But, there are plenty of naysayers.

The biggest complaint comes with the assumption that, by moving Allen to RT, the Cowboys are essentially moving the problem. A very valid argument – if the Cowboys didn’t have better depth at guard than they do at tackle.

Peterman, Walter, Gurode, Noll and newcomber Tarullo are all waiting in the stables. The group lacks starting experience, but it isn’t a stretch to acknowledge that there is more talent in that group than there is in the current rotation at RT. It comes down to depth. The Cowboys are deep enough at guard to consider moving Allen over to RT.

People insist on bringing Bledsoe’s blindside into the equation. Apparently, the Cowboys shouldn’t consider the move because moving the starting LG to RT will leave Bledsoe’s blind side unprotected.

Simply baffling!

No guard in the league is charged with protecting any QB’s blindside – a position where a QB can’t see or sense people coming from directly behind him. Tackles protect blind sides. Guards protect the backSIDE. QBs can typically see or sense people coming from the backside, and they can prepare better for impact (tuck the ball away, etc.). Even if Larry Allen stays at LG, he won’t be protecting Bledsoe’s blindside.

There’s another contingent of people that say Larry isn’t physically capable of playing RT. Really? Seems like he went to the Pro Bowl at tackle – seems like he’s the type of player that can man the position.

For every pessimist that says he doesn’t have the feet, I would like to remind you that the hands are just as important at tackle. For every person that says he doesn’t have the mobility, I would like to remind you that he’s come in at the best shape of his career.

If you still don’t think Allen is a possibility at RT, then what do you make of the reports that he worked out at tackle during the recent mini camp? Seems like the thought has crossed Bill’s mind.

In fact, I am willing to bet its exactly what ol’ Bill has planned.


  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger ParcellsGuys.Com said…

    Did you see Larry Allen play tackle back in the day?

    I did and I don'i care if he made the Pro Bowl he wasn't agile enough to play the position.

    And you don't think the left guard is responsible for the QB's blindside? That's just a silly statement.

    You are spoiled from having Larry Allen at that Left Guard for so long. If Peterman goes there and the running game sucks you will know why, we don't have any strong side of the line anymore.

    Larry Allen will not play Right Tackle this season, trust me.

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger H Cox said…

    I agree that Larry Allen will remain at RG. Kurt Vollers will show he can man the position and solidify the right side of the line. The OL is getting a head of steam to return to elite status, so get on board quickly.

  • At 1:58 PM, Blogger RandyWhite54 said…

    Vollers deserves a chance. He hasn't done anything to prove he can't handle it and he has 4 games to prove he has more to him than most thought. he could turn out to be really good. So far he is as good or better than anyone we have for the position right now unless we do move Allen which would be tragic.


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