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Is Nate Newton stupid?

This used to be one the guys I looked up to when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls in the 90’s. Now he’s the guy I wish was never even on the team in the 90’s. Why is he even allowed to speak to the media when he’s already proven that he’s a joke in the eyes of all the Cowboy’s fans?

It wasn’t bad enough that he got caught being a drug dealer, but now he comes out and tells everyone that wanted to be the “best dealer he could be”. Did he have his brain removed after he retired? He couldn’t have been that stupid during his playing days in the NFL could he?

I was just thinking the other day about the kid from the Vikings, Onterrio Smith, who got busted with the “Whizzinator”. I was thinking he must be the stupidest guy in the world. Then comes along a former Cowboy star to blow him out of the water. At least Smith was smart enough to think about using something to disguise his dirty urine. I think if Newton was in that same position he would have told the people administering the test “I just used some coke on the way over, I wanted to fail it at the highest level because I am very competitive in everything I do”.

Why did he opt to sell drugs for money? That was the exact question that came to my mind when he was arrested with 213lbs of marijuana in Louisiana. I knew Nate played for the Cowboys for a bunch of years and he wasn’t getting paid in monopoly money. I checked it out and found out he played 13 years in the NFL. He had to have some cash left from all paychecks right? Not so fast people. How was this guy an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys? This was the question I asked myself when he was again arrested within six weeks of his first arrest. This time they busted him for having 175 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car. I started thinking to myself; maybe Jerry Jones was paying him in monopoly money all those years. He’s obviously too stupid to know the difference.

Let’s back up a second, 213 friggin pounds! Then 175 friggin pounds. That’s 38 pounds difference. That is the exact number of plays Newton must have had a concussion and never told anyone. Now I understand his stupidity.

Maybe his helmet was too tight. Maybe he had too many concussions during his career. Maybe he took steroids and his brain was affected. Who knows why this guy is this stupid, but to think that this was once a Pro Bowler NFL player who has three Super Bowl Rings is just a shame. He could have lived the rest of his life as Nate “The Kitchen” Newton, one of the greatest Cowboys of all time. Instead he will go down as Nate “The Idiot” Newton, one of the dumbest Cowboys of all time.

Shame on Nate Newton and shame on all the people around him. Didn’t anyone have some solid advice for this guy that first time they knew of his ridiculous actions. Come to think of it, maybe a whole bunch of people were telling him not to do it and he chose not to listen. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I mean this is a guy who got busted with 213 pounds of weed. Then got busted with 175 pounds of weed. Then after making it out of jail alive and putting this all behind him brings it all back by going on the radio to say he wanted to be the bestest drug dealer he could be.

Only one word can come to mind on this one, stupid.


  • At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No argument here, agree 100%, ol' Nate has got some serious problems in the stupid department!
    What bothers me is that there has been any number of dummies in the NFL caught doing what dummies do; stupid things!! However because the Cowboys are such a high profile
    team anything that happens to present/former team members seems to warrant worldwide news distribution!

  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger ParcellsGuys.Com said…

    It's a double edged sword...

    But it's what makes us America's Team!

    Go Cowboys !!!


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