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Parcells Guys Editorial

Cowboy players currently on the "Bubble".

The following guys should be worried about their jobs. They were once considered starters, but now they should be considering what other NFL teams could be interested in them for the 2005 season.

Let's start with Andre Gurode. This guy had the whole 2004 season to do something and prove he was a quality NFL Offensive lineman. Instead he continued to make stupid mistakes week in and week out. He had Coach Parcells on his back and that just seemed to make worse. Look for him to get one final chance; if he doesn't show something spectacular in the first week of training camp, he's a goner.

Al Singleton is a nice complementary NFL linebacker, that's the problem. Coach Parcells wants more of an attack defense this season. Singleton has never been a playmaker and isn't the guy you can depend on to get you a turnover in the fourth quarter. He would be a nice back up, but I don't think he will be happy in that role on this team. Coach Parcells will respect that and release him to find a home elsewhere.

Torrin Tucker just hasn't done anything to keep the Right Tackle job. Kurt Vollers replaced him in the last three games of the 2004 season. Many said Coach Parcells did this to see what he had in Vollers. Maybe, but I think it was as much about Coach Parcells already knowing what he had in Tucker and not liking it. Pencil in Vollers as the starter on opening day with Tucker playing in another city.

Darian Barnes was brought to the Cowboys as a special teams guy, not to be the starting Fullback. He beat out Lousaka Polite last season, but not this year. Lousaka Polite has shown that he can handle the job and should beat out Barnes this year. Last season the loss of Dan Campbell hurt the Cowboys running game. With Campbell back now Coach Parcells will be running the single back set about 80% of the time. This will allow Polite to be used for his power blocking when needed.

The beginning of last season must seem like a decade ago for Pete Hunter. He started last year as the "other" starting corner opposite Terence Newman. This year he is buried on the depth chart after missing most of last season to a torn knee ligament. Speculation that Coach Parcells had asked this kid to move over and try to take the Free Safety spot was discussed for a while. Hunter turned his back on the Cowboys after publicly stating that he is a cornerback and won't play Safety. Sorry Pete, but Anthony Henry has the job now. Plus we got Aaron Glenn for the nickelback spot. That will leave Hunter on the unemployment line at some point in the near future.

Let's get some comments on these thoughts people. What do you think?


  • At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    None of these guys are on the bubble. What are you talking about?

  • At 10:20 PM, Anonymous fbcx said…

    Tucker seems to have wasted his opportunity here. I would agree he is probably history. Hunter is the kind of playmaker BP likes and wil give him a chance to convert to FS if Hunter decides to make the move.


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