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This Years Steven Jackson Is...

This years Steven Jackson is Maryland's tweener DE/OLB Shawne Merriman. By now, if you're a Die Hard fan like most of us are, then you've "heard" of him and seen his name on countless mock drafts all over the net from the mass media to your nfl fan site mock drafts.

Now you've heard of him because his name is out there as a projected player that fans want. But who is this Shawne Merriman, and have YOU ever seen him play? Who annointed him the Cowboys must have?

Honestly, I never saw Merriman play, so I myself am going by what "other people" are saying about Merriman...and this is where mock drafting and draft hype crosses into the gray area. From most fans points of view we're going by alot of hear-say, truthfully, that's what mock drafting and draft hyping is for the most part, plain and simple and this does not go for the highly touted Merriman, this goes for any prospect being discussed anywhere... have you ever heard a fan say "I'm warming up to this guy" well, there it is, the average fan will say this if there are being influenced in some form or fashion, whether it be a well written scouting report or fellow peers jumping on that bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, from what I've read on countless scouting reports, he "sounds" like a great prospect. Question is, are the Cowboys even taking a serious look at drafting Merriman?

Comparetivly, this was the same scenario as last year with Steven Jackon, everyone wanted him, he was going to be gone by the Lions pick, no way he falls to us...and guess what? Jackson somehow did fall to us, and every Cowboys fan around the globe was in utter dismay when we traded completely out of our 1st round pick, with Jackson right there...

Point is this, as a fan you just never really know what your team is going to do with their picks as much as you would like them to. So, with NFL draft day 2005 just over two weeks away, remember this and don't be surprised at all if Merriman is there and we pass.

Would I take Merriman? Yes I definitely would, but that's just me going on what I've heard.


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