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Part III - Onward to NFL Draft 2005: Safeties

We've examined what appear to be the Cowboys top two immediate needs with DE and LB. When talking about holes in the defense, you must consider the gapping hole vacated by future hall of famer Darren Woodson. Right now, we know Roy Williams will occupy the SS safety spot, so what the Cowboys will be looking for is a coverage Free Safety. This draft class is not deep with top tier safeties, so if the Cowboys want to get someone who can step on the field and start on opening day, then safety should be looked at on Day 1, most likely in the 2-3rd round.

We'll take a look at some players that will fit the mold of what we're looking for, in addition, we'll examine a few CBs who could be drafted to move over to FS.

Brodney Pool - Oklahoma - 6'1'' 202lbs. 4.54/40
Pool could be the perfect fit for free safety. Pool has been consistent at OU, part of a defense that has dominated while he was there. Good burst speed, ball hawk playmaking abilities, and game experience with a good defensive unit will make Pool a targeted player come draft day.

Draft thought: Has the physical tools and game experience to step on the field and start immediately fo the Cowboys. (drafted late 1st/early 2nd)

Josh Bullocks - Nebraska - 6'0'' 201lbs. 4.55/40
Bullocks has pretty good cover skills for the TE and slant slot WR, has the quickness to play in coverage and make plays in the middle of the field.Cowboys attended the Huskers ProDay and Bullocks could be the guy drafted to fill the free safety void.

Draft thought: More of a coverage guy and not a big hitter, he will blanket players and go for the playmaking INTs. (drafted mid 2nd round+)

Sean Considine - Iowa - 6'0'' 212lbs. 4.50/40
A natural player at free safety and well rounded for the spot. Considine is a guy that has excelled at coverage, and going for the ball, in addition, he will lay the wood on you when given the chance. His variety of skills for a free safety will interest the Cowboys on draft day

Draft thought: Tough player who has a lot of heart and excels at his position. Should do well in the right system (drafted 3rd round+)

Vincent Fuller - Virginia Tech - 6'1'' 190lbs 4.47/40
After Fuller, the free safety talent becomes a complete lottery and talent level drops off significantly. Fuller has good work ethic, consistent play and will make coverage plays, break up passes, and can make the hit when needed. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys wait until early day 2 to try someone at FS.

Draft thought: Fuller played in a pretty good defensive unit, and should do well in a Cowboys system if called up. (drafted 4th round+)

Other Notable Players to Watch:
• Corey Webster - LSU - 6'0'' 200lbs. 4.59/40 ( size, speed, coverage skills, and a hitter could make the move)
• Marlin Jackson - Michigan - 6'1'' 200lbs. 4.45/40 (great speed, physical player, could excell at move to FS)
• Jordan Beck - Cal Poly 6'2'' 233lbs. 4.45/40 (game experiance, speed, may be drafted for FS Day 2 pick)

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