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2005 NFL Schedule, Part 1: Rough Beginning for the Cowboys

The NFL Schedule brings a kind of relief to football fans, sort of the same way a car repair bill brings relief to all of us when we at least know the extent of the damage. Let’s assess the damage this schedule can do to our hopes of a Super Bowl XXXX victory.

Week 1: Opening the season on the road is always tough. The Cowboys get the Chargers to open it up in 2005. A lot of people voted this Charger team the surprise team of the league last season. Quarterback Drew Brees showed he had a little fight in him after the Chargers got highly touted Quarterback Philip Rivers in the 2004 Draft. Brees put himself in the Pro Bowl and will be looking to continue his upswing this season. For the Cowboys to win this game though they must stop the real MVP of the Chargers, Running Back Ladamian Tomlinson, from grinding out first downs. This young gun is one of the best in the league and with players such as Tight End Antonio Gates also out there on offense the Cowboy’s defense must start the season strong in San Diego. Close game that could go either way.

Week 2: All you need to know is Coach Parcells vs. Coach Gibbs and people are going to watch this one. Throw it on Monday Night Football at Texas Stadium and the entire world will tune in for another classic NFC East battle. Skins are still a little rocky at the QB position I think with Patrick Ramsey starting from the get go. They swapped wide receivers with the Jets and now the Cowboys must defend against Santana Moss and his blazing speed, along with Running back Clinton Portis and his well, blazing speed. I hope this new 3-4 alignment that may be in place by then is ready for all that speed. The Redskins defensive had an outstanding year in 2004 as they wound up rated #1 in the NFL. I’m glad the Cowboys offense will be tested early and I hope to watch them flourish with a nice game from Running Back Julius Jones, he likes the prime time games as we saw last season. Cowboys should win this one.

Week 3: The Cowboys go on the road to San Francisco and this won’t be the weeks most sought after game on the Direct TV Ticket. No Ifs, Ands or Buts about it. If the Cowboys don’t beat this rebuilding team there could be a storm brewing early in Dallas for Coach Parcells and Mr. Jones. I would list the 49er’s best player here, but he hasn’t been drafted yet and no one knows whom they are even targeting with the NFL Draft less than two weeks away. Take that Joe Montana and that damn 1981 NFC Championship game. Cowboys should win in a rout over this terrible 49er team!

Week 4: Is it a new NFL rule that the Cowboys must play against Randy Moss once a season? This guy is in “Raider Nation” and that’s where the Cowboys head to in another road game. Playing in Oakland last year would have been much easier as the Raiders stunk it up most all of the 2004 season, but with some key free agents added and the trade for the “Mouth of the South” the Raiders should be better in 2005. If the Cowboy’s D can get some pressure on Raider Quarterback Kerry Collins and control the new starting Running Back LaMont Jordan the Cowboys can win. If not and the game turns into an offensive explosion I don’t see the Cowboys with enough big play fire power to win that type of contest. This game might be one of those Coach Parcells’ gems where he knows the best defense is Julius Jones carrying it over 30 times. I am not betting against Coach Parcells, Cowboys win by controlling the clock.

Week 5: I hate them, you hate them and I know most of the Cowboy players have to hate them. Especially with Mr. Big Mouth himself wearing the green and black. Eagles come into Texas Stadium for key division game that is a must win. It’s a must win because we don’t want the Eagles to win any games all year, LOL. This could be a big game for Cowboy Tight End Jason Witten. He is solid in the short passing game and could catch over 10 balls. Being so familiar with this team it comes down to a battle of the little things that decide these tough division games. Play smart and don’t make big mistakes on defense. Not much more to say about this game as we have seen it all before, the best team on this given Sunday will win the game.

Week 6: Bring on another division rival, Giants will be coming into Texas thinking about that last second win in the final week of the 2004 season. Look for the Cowboys to test the Giants defense in this one. If the 3-4 is in line by this time for the Cowboys it will be an advantage because Giant Quarterback Eli Manning is still only in his second season and won’t be putting up Peyton like numbers just yet. A new style defense should put some added pressure on the youngster’s shoulders. I would expect Coach Parcells to try and pressure him into some mistakes by taking chances on defense now that he has two solid corners with Newman and Henry. Game’s in Texas, Cowboys win this one at home in a blowout.

Week 7: I hope that luck we had in Seattle last season is again hanging out on this road trip to Qwest field. The Seahawks seem to put up big numbers on offense most weeks, but don’t ever seem to be consistent on defense. I don’t look for that to change anytime soon. They spent the off season resigning their offensive stars and losing key defensive guys in Defensive End Chike Okeafor and Cornerback Ken Lucas to free agency. This will be a high scoring game like last season and I expect the team that scores last will win. Remember the Seahawks are in the NFC now so this could somehow be a playoff tiebreaker for the winner. Toss up game.

Week 8: Cowboys end the first half of 2005 with a nice easy home game against a team they always beat, the dreadful Cardinals. Hold your horses people. This Cardinal team has upgraded over last season in some areas and Coach Dennis Green is no slouch. Even with that said I don’t see a winning Quarterback on that roster. Kurt Warner was signed and I would assume he’s the starter, but he isn’t the same Kurt Warner that led the Rams to a few Super Bowls. This will be a nice day for Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson and Quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Cardinals will always play tough with Green calling the shots but they should be beaten on the road by this Cowboy team.

Week 9: Bye week comes right at the midway point, like it should be. Thanks NFL Schedule makers and please do the same next season.

Check back tommorrow as I take a look into the second half of the Cowboy's 2005 Schedule!


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