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Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl time is upon us. The New England Patriots vs. The Philadelphia Eagles. So, who's gonna win. I'm going to just say I'm not going against the underrated Patriots, the team the media virtually dismissed and forgot about towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. The Patriots have been solid all year long and nothing is going to change this weekend. If the Patriots can shutdown the best offense and NFL MVP in the playoffs, plus the highly rated offense/defense of the Steel Curtain, what do the Eagles have to offer.

I'm predicating that this game will either by close like:
Patriots 27
Eagles 20


A complete and utter blowout like:
Patriots 49
Eagles 24

In both predcitions the Eagles lose. Am I bias, yes, hell yes, I hate the Eagles. Am I objective yes. The truth is that Eagles have not played high caliber teams in the NFC, its a weak conference right now. The only way the Eagles pull this one out is if the Patriots have a meltdown and turn the ball over. Other than that expect to see the same old dominating Crennel defense, and Weis Offense tear that ass up. The Patriots have a lot of talent with coaching and players.


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