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Michael Irvin SNUBBED From Hall of Fame!

I said this last year, when the "media" failed horribly and did not induct Bob Hayes, history repeats itself in 2005. That's right, Irvin was snubbed from the hall of fame. Who got in? Only FOUR players!: Dan Marino, Steve Young, Fritz Pollard, and Bennie Friedman.

I can't tell you how upsetting and disappointing this is! The voting process is left in the hands to "major" media reports nationwide, and this needs to be overhauled.

I think I can speak for ALL Dallas Die Hards when I say with conviction ...(_ _ _ _) YOU - you idiot voters!!! Really, I want to cuss worse, but I'll leave that to you guys at home, just know we're ALL feeling the same as you inside.

Michael, you know inside you're a hall of famer, we know you're a hall of famer WR. Sorry for the bad news, but as Dallas Cowboys fans, we all know what this is about, and why this has happened, and will continue to happen.


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