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Drew Bled-NO!

Speculation has mounted on Drew Bledsoe coming to Dallas if he's released from the Bills. Some fans want him, and some don't want him here. I am not in favor of going that route. Well why not?? Let me just say this, Sure Drew is younger than Vinny, but at this point in his career Bledsoe's accuracy has been horrendous. He has been unable to hold his starting job, he lost it for good in favor of a very young Tom Brady, and now he will lose his job to Losman. Let's face it guys Bledsoe is not much of an upgrade to Vinny. If we want inaccuracy we already have it with Vinny, Bledsoe is of the same clothe, no mobility, classic pocket passer, inaccurate. I say NO to Drew Bledsoe.

In addition, Drew would need to come in and learn or re-learn a Parcells offense. Let's play Henson once and for all. The growing pains may come, but that's way its got to be. To me we are setting Henson up for success, by giving him tools like Keyshawn, Glenn, Witten, and Julius Jones. If we add some consistent protection and maybe another offensive player Drew will have a solid surrounding.

Going with Bledsoe would mean a 2-3yr deal, thus virtually leaving Henson out in the cold to rust away.


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Michael Irvin SNUBBED From Hall of Fame!

I said this last year, when the "media" failed horribly and did not induct Bob Hayes, history repeats itself in 2005. That's right, Irvin was snubbed from the hall of fame. Who got in? Only FOUR players!: Dan Marino, Steve Young, Fritz Pollard, and Bennie Friedman.

I can't tell you how upsetting and disappointing this is! The voting process is left in the hands to "major" media reports nationwide, and this needs to be overhauled.

I think I can speak for ALL Dallas Die Hards when I say with conviction ...(_ _ _ _) YOU - you idiot voters!!! Really, I want to cuss worse, but I'll leave that to you guys at home, just know we're ALL feeling the same as you inside.

Michael, you know inside you're a hall of famer, we know you're a hall of famer WR. Sorry for the bad news, but as Dallas Cowboys fans, we all know what this is about, and why this has happened, and will continue to happen.


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Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl time is upon us. The New England Patriots vs. The Philadelphia Eagles. So, who's gonna win. I'm going to just say I'm not going against the underrated Patriots, the team the media virtually dismissed and forgot about towards the end of the season and in the playoffs. The Patriots have been solid all year long and nothing is going to change this weekend. If the Patriots can shutdown the best offense and NFL MVP in the playoffs, plus the highly rated offense/defense of the Steel Curtain, what do the Eagles have to offer.

I'm predicating that this game will either by close like:
Patriots 27
Eagles 20


A complete and utter blowout like:
Patriots 49
Eagles 24

In both predcitions the Eagles lose. Am I bias, yes, hell yes, I hate the Eagles. Am I objective yes. The truth is that Eagles have not played high caliber teams in the NFC, its a weak conference right now. The only way the Eagles pull this one out is if the Patriots have a meltdown and turn the ball over. Other than that expect to see the same old dominating Crennel defense, and Weis Offense tear that ass up. The Patriots have a lot of talent with coaching and players.