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Championship Game Predictions

NFL Championship Weekend is here. We have the NFC's Falcons @ Eagles and the AFC's Patriots @ Steelers. Who's gonna win?

Obviously I am biased, and absolutely hate the Eagles with a passion, so naturally I want them to lose their 4th straight championship game, that would be great. Unfortunately, I think this may be the year the get over the hump against the Falcons. I do hope the Eagles lose though.

NFC Prediction:
Falcons @ Eagles
Falcons 20 Eagles 31

In the AFC we have a great showdown between two powerhouses. The Steelers will host the Patriots. This is a no brainer for me. The Patriots win this game. Sure the Steelers one the first time around, but we're talking about the defending Champions coached by Belichick & Co. Belichik WILL have the Patriots ready and the players are ready to show people why they should not have forgotten about the Patriots in these playoffs. The Big Ben winning streak will come to an end.

Patriots @ Steelers
Patriots 33 Steelers 26

These predictions could be wrong, and remember the old adage, Any team can win on any given sunday...

Upcoming: SuperBowl Prediction then Senior Bowl & Early Draft Talk


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