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Vinny, offers best cbance to win? Really?

Another loss, and same old- same old, but wait...Vinny offers the Cowboys the best chance to win doesn't he? I think I can guess your answer to this...All I have to say, is that we need a QB in 2005, and its going to be anyone expect for Vinny. Vinny, don't Vinny the snap......Vinny, please don't throw another Vinnyception. We're not going to be an old horse to death, but you can refer to the previous editorial.

My gameplan for the next (3) games:
We travel to Philly, let's have Vinny start his last game in the NFL here. I'm guessing we lose here, Philly is just too much for us to handle right now. So, that will drop us to 5-9, virtually out of the playoffs. Last two games, we have the Redskins at home, and on the road in NY - here is were we need to look at Drew Henson closer, that's it and that's that!

I truly hope we can make a run and go 8-8 and make a WildCard, but with Vinny I'm not holding my breath.


  • At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Not sure Roger could win with this offense. The worst passing defense in the league and nobody can get open???? Our corners are so bad on defense I think I could get open on them. So many holes and not enough draft picks to fill all of them.


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