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Parcells, Please Keep Them Benched

Deep in our hearts we knew the Cowboys were probably going to lose against the Ravens on the road. Surprisingly enough though, the Cowboys played very well on defense and had the lead 3-0 at the half. Unfortunately the season's dreaded play would rear its ugly head again, the main culprit - Vinny Testaverde. Testaverde single handedly brought the Cowboys back down with his two INTS for TDs, can you play anyworse, this is just icy on the cake. Vinny has thrown a whole lot of COSTLY INTS over the last 3 games.

Bringing in Henson may have been too little too late, but you know what? Henson looked pretty good considering the circumstances - hostile environment, down 30-3, highly rated defense. Not only did Henson replace Vinny, but he was 6 for 6 with deadon accuracy, he ran for a key first down, and he threw for a TD. Its just common sense to bench your struggling QB, and added to that, Henson will earn some valuable playing time - very key for his development.

We knew the results, we knew what was going to happen, so why did Die Hard fans alike watch the game? Simple, we're all Die Hard to the bone, and we want to win, but morever, we wanted to "see" what Julius Jones would do since his injury in week 2. Julius Jones looked pretty good against the highly rated Ravens defense. In addition, we got a bonus when Drew entered the game.

Perhaps, its too early to praise these two rookies, but its better than what we've been playing with for about 9 weeks....Backups in the starting rotation. Its hard to win with backups in the starting lineup in very key positions like QB & RB.

That being said....Coach Parcells, please keep the backups Vinny and George on the bench.


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