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Another Meltdown, Surprised?

The Cowboys struggles continue, and one staple of this struggling play is that of QB Vinny Testaverde. In the last (2) Games Vinny has thrown 6 INTS! His throws have been inconsistent, and thrown without any whip on them. I watched in agony as he threw more INTS in a game we desperately needed to win.

Fans alike have hoped that Vinny would lead the team on offense, but this simply has not manifested through the 1st half of the season. Now comes the decision that Parcells will need to make very-very soon....Is it time to work in Henson? With another convincing loss, the Cowboys drop to (3-5) on the year. With (3) games in the next 11 days, this team will face a huge challenge. If the Cowboys can sweep those game, we're sill in the hunt, if we lose all three, its over - you can turn out the lights. What's the outlook? Looking at how we have performed at home and on the road, the latter seems more realistic, unfortunately. Can we beat the Eagles, Ravens and Bears in that 11 day stretch?

Die Hards will no doubtally conitinue to support our Cowboys, we still bleed blue, but right now fans everywhere are crying blue...


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