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Can't Win at Home? Now what?

Yet another very disappointing lose at HOME, two straight home loses. What is going on you say? Well, were could you begin? Is it the defense, the offense, special teams, coaches? I think so, this is a complete breakdown. The Cowboys cannot get on track, and the scary thing is that we cannot win at home! This begs the question, if we can't win at home, how can we win in hostile away games?

We play the Packers next, and guess what its not looking so good. Its not one person, its not "someone has to step up" ITS the WHOLE team has to step it up and they better pick it up right now.

Sure the season is early, but how many loses can we take before players moral heads south and the 5-11 mindset rears its ugly head.

Buckle your seatbelt this could be a bumpy ride. God I hope not, but we have not done much to suggest otherwise.