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Hunting For A Cornerback!

When there's a weakness in our starting lineup it sticks out like a sore thumb. For example, last year it was Quarterback and Running Back. It would appear that those to holes have been filled with some real talent, only time will tell. Defensive End was addressed as well when the Cowboys signed Marcellus Wiley. Cornerback and Defensive Tackle are two other spots that needed help. We've added some depth at DT with the emergence of Leo Carson and the addition of Chad Eaton.

Only thing left on defense is the RCB spot. Pete Hunter is the favorite to win out the spot, but his play in the preseason has been very suspect and of concern. The other two players have less experience than Hunter ; like, Powell and Thornton. Powell has been severely burnt more than once, and Thornton has not played as much.

The concerns are mounting, Parcells has stated, "someone has to step up" Parcells has even commented that if needed he could "pinch" someone and get a guy. Who? I'm not sure, could be Ty Law, McKenzie or someone else.

One thing is for sure, we're still in the hunt for decent CB, if anything Hunter and Co. will be the stop gappers for this year and you can bet that we'll be in great position for next years draft. There will be a couple of pretty good CBs coming out next year. Eventually someone will step up or someone will showup via the draft.


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