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Cowboys Lose to Vikings Again...

The Vikings have had the Cowboys number over the last couple of years. Moss is virtually unstoppable. He did not get many yards but the TDs are the ones that count and Moss made TD catches that hurt us. More offensive penalties killed several key drives. We lost 35-17, it could have been closer, but the Vikings were just the better team on Sunday.

ReShard Lee is a playmaker type running back - he looked great.
Antonio Bryant made several catches in traffic and looked pretty good

Tony Dixon cannot tackle
Hunter continues to struggle
Overall defense looked horrible
No pass rush from the front four
Secondary coverage was suspect - blown coverages
Offensive line penalties
Muffed field goal
We can keep going....

Cleveland @ Dallas
3:15 CST


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Cowboys @ Vikings Prediction

The Vikings have dominated the Cowboys in recent years, but that was before the Bill Parcells came aboard. The big talk has been centered around the Vikings Moss...can we stop him, how do we stop him, can we win at Minnesota? Many questions, with many possibilities.

The media has overshadowed our potential to light it up on offense as well. With an accurate QB in Vinny and a pretty good core of receivers we could very well go toe-to-toe against the Vikes offensively. Remember at the beginning of the year, the Cowboys were actually ranked #1 in total offense for the first couple of weeks - not the Rams, not the Vikes, it was the Cowboys. All of this without Vinny, George, or Keyshawn.

The Vikings defense is mediocre and is very capable of giving up a lot of points.

I predict that we will see a pretty good showing by our offense. The Vikings cannot shutdown our various array of weapons. Can they cover Glenn, and can they stop Keyshawn, what about AB? Can they stop Witten from making key 3rd down conversions? How about slowing down our DEEP backfield. You think the Vikings have a deep RB core, maybe, but I like our depth better.

We'll shove Richie Anderson down their throat, along with George, we'll use Julius to make people miss, and Lee will hit the line and leave their D looking back at a dust cloud - that's how good our depth is at RB. Ball control and time control is Parcells type football, and we definitely have the personnel to run on them all day long.

Don't count our receivers out either, we are capable of making plays through the air with playmakers like Keyshawn and Jason Witten with the clutch city catches.

On defense, we will retain the #1 Defense in the league again this year. Expect to see a lot of different looks from our defense. stunts, blitzes, zone blitzes, safety blitz, nickel and dime packages, we'll see a 3-4 set to throw them off, we could see Bradie James and Kalen Thornton making plays in a 3-4 lineup. Trust me, the Vikings will have their hands full on the line of scrimmage with Glover, Ellis, Wiley and Eaton. You want speed and muscle on defense, well, we have it.

Moss will make some catches, but its going to take more than Moss to beat us this time around. We are a team to be reckoned with.

Cowboys 27 Vikings 24

Football is here!!!


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Hunting For A Cornerback!

When there's a weakness in our starting lineup it sticks out like a sore thumb. For example, last year it was Quarterback and Running Back. It would appear that those to holes have been filled with some real talent, only time will tell. Defensive End was addressed as well when the Cowboys signed Marcellus Wiley. Cornerback and Defensive Tackle are two other spots that needed help. We've added some depth at DT with the emergence of Leo Carson and the addition of Chad Eaton.

Only thing left on defense is the RCB spot. Pete Hunter is the favorite to win out the spot, but his play in the preseason has been very suspect and of concern. The other two players have less experience than Hunter ; like, Powell and Thornton. Powell has been severely burnt more than once, and Thornton has not played as much.

The concerns are mounting, Parcells has stated, "someone has to step up" Parcells has even commented that if needed he could "pinch" someone and get a guy. Who? I'm not sure, could be Ty Law, McKenzie or someone else.

One thing is for sure, we're still in the hunt for decent CB, if anything Hunter and Co. will be the stop gappers for this year and you can bet that we'll be in great position for next years draft. There will be a couple of pretty good CBs coming out next year. Eventually someone will step up or someone will showup via the draft.