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Bryant on Thin Ice!

Well, well-well, just when Antonio seemed to turn it around he goes off on the head coach, Bill Parcells. Maybe the reason AB does not get the ball is because he is not cerebral! Are you insanely stupid as to throw a childish tirade in your coach's face?!!

From a fans point of view we have hoped to see AB evolve into that #1 WR role, but he seems to be self destructing, With a poor outing last season, and now this....Do not be surprised if AB is released or traded out.

Parcells does not mess around, look at former CB Ross. Had that "potential", but made some very poor judgments while in Dallas, AB is taking the same flight. Coincidently, AB is friends with Ross - makes you wonder.

We have options for WR this year and for next years draft, so losing AB would not hurt us.

Can you remember what AB has done for us since he has been here?

AB will be a RFA at the end of the season, and the way its going I wonder if we'd even re-sign him.

Antonio Bryant, get your shit together man! Shut up and play.


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