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Strong indications sound like the Cowboys are looking to trade Larry Allen for a draft day pick this year. It's no news that we only have (5) picks this year, Rounds 1-5..and that's it.
If the Cowboys could trade Allen for a draft pick this year, it would be of great value.

Speaking of "value" what would Larry Allen's Draft Pick value be worth at 31yrs old and with questionable health, mainly his knees? Some believe we could get a 2nd rounder for Allen, but this is really pushing the envelope on a player who has been projected to have at LEAST 2 yrs left of playing time. A 2nd rounder for 2yrs of play is just to much to give up, with not much return. You can forget a 1st rounder. It's more likely that the Cowboys could seek out a 3rd-4th rounder this year, which is not bad at all, considering how deep this year's draft is with talent.

Another scenario is that the Cowboys could use LA to trade up in a particular round, like the 2nd or 3rd round, plus a draft pick in 2005.

If the Cowboys are successful in trading out LA, then you can almost bet the bank that the Cowboys will be targeting the best Guards coming out this year. Vernon Carey, Chris Snee, or Justin Smiley.

Parcells is a draft guru, and a battle hardened draft day vet, so you can have some comfort that the pinpoint-calculated Parcells WILL have another good draft for the Cowboys.


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