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Latest Rumors - Fact or Fiction?

Well, when news was released that Allen was on tour in an attempt to broker a deal the crazy rumors could not come any faster!

The most absurd rumor came from John Clayton, were he suggest the Cowboys would offer the Raiders: Larry Allen, Dexter Coakley and the #22 pick for their #2 pick overall. This rumor is so off base and lopsided it would be the biggest draft coup next to the Hershel deal. - This rumor is fiction. Would be nice, but no way this would happen!

The second rumor belted out today is more plausible. Some Detroit Media Outlets are indicating that the Lions are prepared to make a deal for Allen which would send Allen to Detroit for the Lions 2nd round pick upping the anty and Oaklands supposed 3rd round offer.... Again, nothing is set in stone, but this makes more sense for both clubs. The Cowboys are looking to get a 2nd rounder for Allen, and the Lions may be the team to deal.

One thing is for sure, if we do infact land Detroits 2nd round pick, this will be bigtime aid for the Cowboys. Many starting positions remain up in the air, this is why the 1st day of the draft will bring in some rookies to start immediately. Whomever is drafted Rounds 1-3 WILL be expected to play at a high level and be expected to contribute early.

Let's wait for the murkey waters to clear up before we start going crazy with more draft scenarios. Don't you love the offseason?


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