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Well, looks like Larry Allen is on another collision course with Parcells again. Although team workouts/conditioning programs are voluntary, Larry Allen has been the most notable no-show. Last year LA showed up to camp overweight and out of shape, and it appears that he will have a repeat season all-around. It's usually important that offensive linemen participate in team workouts since they are the most likely to bulk up and get out of shape faster.

Well, what about those that argue, its not a big deal, after all the workouts are voluntary aren't they? Yes, this is true, but this is like any other job atmosphere - if your bosses say something is voluntary, it is most likely in your best interest to volunteer, if you don't it just looks bad. It's not good for team cohesion and coach/player cohesion. If Allen has another repeat season, we can expect DeMingo Graham to step it up in his place.

Mario Edwards continues to work out daily at the Cowboys facilities and with the CB spot still open and unresolved, we could see the Cowboys re-signing Edwards to another 1yr deal for insurance purposes soon. If not, we are probably looking to draft a CB in the 1-2 rounds.

The Draft: With the NFL draft just 3 weeks away, the Cowboys will have their work cut out for themselves come draft day. As it is today, our top priorites are RB,CB, OLine, any of which could be drafted in the 1st round. I do see these positions going 1,2,3 - pick your shuffle. Our 1st day picks are going to be expected to start and contribute. Let's see what unfolds.


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