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LA Rumors Come To An End

In an interview conducted last night, Owner Jerry Jones indicated that Larry Allen would most likely return as a Cowboy and believes it is highly unlikely that he would be traded on draft day....Jones went on to say, "At this juncture I don't see (a trade) happening. I don't think it's a stretch at all to see Larry in Dallas Cowboys colors this season."

Could this be another of Jerry Jones diplomatic speeches? Who knows, but by the sounds of it, Allen will probably return for this season.

So, how will this news effect the draft? Well, with Allen returning it would be hard to see us drafting O-line at #22, but more likely RB/DT/CB

RB is back on the radar in the 1st because the Patriots traded a 2nd rounder to the Bengals to acquire Corey Dillon. The Patriots were projected by many including us, to draft RB Steven Jackson. With the Pats getting Dillon, this could lead both Steven Jackson and Kevin Jones to drop in our laps...but wait, word out of Philly is that they are in talk to trade up to #16 to possibly acquire Jackson.

We will have to see, we could very well luck out and land Jackson, and Kevin Jones may be another RB to watch. -if neither are available or we opt out, then look for us to take D-line or CB.


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