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Grading The Draft Graders...

I've been looking around the net at various popular mainstream and independent football sites, and a few have been giving the Cowboys low grades, and denounced the Cowboys as losers on draft day.

You know who we're talking about, and the fact is that these guys have no clue what they are talking about. As a true football fan, and a true fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I know the Cowboys had a pretty good draft - no way I'm I saying we had a A+ draft, but I sure the hell am not saying we had a subpar draft.

These so called experts have no true sense of what "Parcells Football" is and what in entails. A good point was made by one our our site contributors on radio, David Lord states, "If you look at what Parcells is doing, he is stock piling, we picked up Keyshawn a blocking receiver, Tight end Sean Ryan, drafted Rogers, Drafted Peterman" ...."We're going to see smash mouth football" and I could not have said it better. As a contributor to the site, I just laugh when I see these ridiculous post draft grades!!

Experts get a clue! Research Parcells football!

Furthermore, I came across this interesting article about these so called draft experts:

As one league insider explained to us on Monday, the media generally doesn't know what it's talking about when it comes to the evaluating NFL talent.

"I don't remember the last time a sports writer spent millions on scouting a football player," the source said. "They spend $15.95 on draft books by [Mel] Kiper or Pro Football Weekly and think they have all the answers. What they fail to realize is Kiper and the kid from Pro Football Weekly have never scouted a game in their lives. They get info from scouts and the only info they get is what scouts want to tell them. They have no idea about medical information or character information, which is huge in the evaluation process.

"It always amuses me when I read their reports because they know less than 25 percent of what the average scout knows. Yet the press use their books as expert opinions and even steal some of those reports when they give an opinion about a player. In short, they have no clue and never will."

In summary, I'm grading the draft graders, and I give them a F- for (expletive here) idiots!! Get a clue.


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