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Rookies Big Day Out

All Cowboy Rookies and Undrafted Free Agents had their first big taste of being part of America's Team - The Dallas Cowboys. It's a boyhood dream that many young athletes dream about, playing for one of the most prestigous professional sports teams in the world. Making it this far is a dream come true in itself, but these young ones have a far-far way to go before they can say they are official Cowboys. To Parcells its all about performance on the field NOT their potential. The journey for these young kids begins now. Time to earn that star gentlemen.

Here's how the rookie clinic went:

" Quarterback Drew Henson took almost all the snaps during his first practice Friday. Of course, the only other quarterback in Friday’s rookie mini-camp was Brett Mitchell.

Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones seemed pleased by what they saw from Henson, although Parcells admitted to getting Henson and Mitchell’s numbers mixed up early in the almost two-hour practice.

The Cowboys’ eight rookies were all in attendance as well as 13 free-agent rookies who were signed over the past few days. An NFL rule doesn’t allow any veterans to participate in rookie camp, but plenty of veterans showed up to watch the practice.

Quarterback Quincy Carter watched with great interest as Henson threw passes to the likes of Northwestern Oklahoma’s Patrick Crayton and Houston’s Brandon Middleton.

Parcells and his coaching staff took the players through a typical training camp-type practice, which included individual and team drills.

Here are the high and lows from Friday’s rookie camp:

The Henson report: Drew Henson was 22-of-36 in 1-on-1 and team drills Friday. He looked sharp on middle screens and out passes, especially since he was throwing into a 10-15 mph wind. Henson had plenty of arm on deep routes, but overthrew his receivers several times. He did connect with receiver Patrick Crayton on a deep pass.

On several crossing routes, Henson led his receivers perfectly. He lost some of the zip on the ball late in Friday’s practice.

Catch of the day: Tight end and fifth-round pick Sean Ryan made the best catch of the day when he dove to make a fingertip grab of a Henson pass. Ryan made several tough catches, but he did let one slide through his hands.

Brandon Middleton, a free-agent rookie receiver out of Houston, reached back across his body to haul in a pass from Mitchell. Several receivers trapped balls against their chests, but Middleton did a nice job of catching the ball away from his body.

Who was watching practice: Carter arrived just in time to watch Henson complete a deep pass in the end zone. When Crayton made a nice grab, running back Aveion Cason (who has added 15 pounds of muscle) and receiver Zuriel Smith grabbed a roster to see who made the catch…Cornerback Terence Newman, offensive tackle Torrin Tucker, offensive tackle Javiar Collins, cornerback Jemeel Powell, cornerback Andrew Davidson and right guard Andre Gurode all watched practice from the sidelines.

Jones is Parcells’ water boy: Second-round draft pick and running back Julius Jones retrieved cups of water for Parcells during Friday’s practice. Last season, first-round pick Terence Newman was in charge of taking care of Parcells. After the first break Friday, Jones showed nice acceleration toward the water bucket. Parcells took the cup of water without a word.

Jones looks sharp in first workout: Jones showed his 4.38 speed on several running plays Friday. The Cowboys also worked at getting Jones the ball on middle screens. He shared time with ReShard Lee, who was on his way to making the team in training camp last season when he injured his right knee.

Rogers and Peterman work on the right side: Second-round pick Jacob Rogers worked at right tackle and third-round pick Stephen Peterman worked at right guard. Incumbent starter Andre Gurode watched each play with interest from the sidelines.

Quick hits: Seventh-round pick Nate Jones of Rutgers picked off Henson during the 7-on-7 drill. Jones showed nice closing speed before snagging the pass…Free-agent rookie fullback Lousaka Polite of Pittsburgh looked caught several passes out of the backfield. He was one of the best fullbacks that didn’t get drafted…Free-agent rookie receiver James Newson made a great move before catching a pass from Henson."

Thanks to Eleven50nine for these tidbits.


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Grading The Draft Graders...

I've been looking around the net at various popular mainstream and independent football sites, and a few have been giving the Cowboys low grades, and denounced the Cowboys as losers on draft day.

You know who we're talking about, and the fact is that these guys have no clue what they are talking about. As a true football fan, and a true fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I know the Cowboys had a pretty good draft - no way I'm I saying we had a A+ draft, but I sure the hell am not saying we had a subpar draft.

These so called experts have no true sense of what "Parcells Football" is and what in entails. A good point was made by one our our site contributors on radio, David Lord states, "If you look at what Parcells is doing, he is stock piling, we picked up Keyshawn a blocking receiver, Tight end Sean Ryan, drafted Rogers, Drafted Peterman" ...."We're going to see smash mouth football" and I could not have said it better. As a contributor to the site, I just laugh when I see these ridiculous post draft grades!!

Experts get a clue! Research Parcells football!

Furthermore, I came across this interesting article about these so called draft experts:

As one league insider explained to us on Monday, the media generally doesn't know what it's talking about when it comes to the evaluating NFL talent.

"I don't remember the last time a sports writer spent millions on scouting a football player," the source said. "They spend $15.95 on draft books by [Mel] Kiper or Pro Football Weekly and think they have all the answers. What they fail to realize is Kiper and the kid from Pro Football Weekly have never scouted a game in their lives. They get info from scouts and the only info they get is what scouts want to tell them. They have no idea about medical information or character information, which is huge in the evaluation process.

"It always amuses me when I read their reports because they know less than 25 percent of what the average scout knows. Yet the press use their books as expert opinions and even steal some of those reports when they give an opinion about a player. In short, they have no clue and never will."

In summary, I'm grading the draft graders, and I give them a F- for (expletive here) idiots!! Get a clue.


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Quick Cowboys Draft Review

Jackson and Jones dropped into our laps and we traded out, for all intents and purposes we made a huge deal in the trade. The Bills grossly overpaid. By FAR, we got the best end on this deal, and the icing on the cake is that the Cowboys were looking at drafting Julius all along. We take the Bills 1st rounder next year, we got the early pick in the second from them and took Julius, and a 5th rounder which allowed us to garner (3) more picks in the 7th round. Parcells had this planned, just waited for the best suitor, and that team was the Bills. We are stock piled!

In the 2nd Round we take our first draft pick with Running Back Julius Jones of Notre Dame. Expect Julius Jones to be an immediate starter -no brainer. Jones will bring a different running type back in comparison to Hambrick. Jones runs well between the guards and tackles. This is important, Jones also has the quick burst to bounce and skip outside.

Later in the 2nd, we take OT Jacob Rogers, to me this pick is questionable because of all the back to back injuries from 2001-2003, Will he get injured this year in training camp, pre-season...He's a big solid player, and dominating when he plays, but the injury prone qualities worry me with this pick. If Rogers can improve his durability and stay healthy, then Rogers could crack into the starting lineup, If anything Rogers will add DEEP depth for the tackles area.

In the 3rd, the Cowboys take Offensive Guard Stephen Peterman. What a complete steal for us in the 3rd round. Peterman was highly rated coming into the draft and was expected to be gone by the mid to late 2nd round. Peterman slipped down, and we took the brutal blocker out of LSU. LSU had a very solid Oline for the last 2 years or so, and Peterman was part of that reason. Peterman is strong, plays with some mean streak in him, and will push you around. Great steal with the 3rd pick.

In the 4th we took Cornerback Bruce Thorton, a converted RB. Thorton as special teams experience, and could battle it out with Pete Hunter for that other Corner spot, will add good depth at corner.

In the 5th, many guys were hoping we draft DT or CB here, and we may have, but the player Parcells wanted was on the board so we took Tight End Sean Ryan. Many fans could not understand this selection. But if you have any sense of what "Parcells" football is, its old school smash mouth. Parcells likes the throwback type guys, and Ryan in the 4th was an interesting pick, but look at the kid....he's huge, and a hardnosed blocker out of Boston College. 6-4 270lbs. this guys adds a big body that will be utilized in the Cowboys blocking schemes. Ryan was brought in to help out, and help pull and block for Julius and the other RBs.

In the 7th Round Parcells is looking for a solid Return specialist, and the last (3) picks in the 7th Round were ALL calculated picks to find that return guy. Last season, Zuriel Smith showed some flashed, but was ultimately benched in favor of Galloway. Zuriel's days may be numbered with these picks. The Cowboys took CB Nathan Jones from Rtutgers who had very-very impressive return numbers there, had speed, and good field vision, and good hands. The Cowboys also too WR Patrick Crayton who is very versatile and Parcells really likes him, could draw comparison the former player Woody Danztler -he will also compete for a special teams spot. And with the final pick the Cowboys took a Purdue track star in CB Jacques Reeves. Reeves has bigtime gamebreaking speed, an all star for Purdue's Track and Field Program. Reeves is another guy who will battle it out on special teams, could add depth at corner as well.
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NFL Draft 2004

The 1st day is behind us, and I'm sure fans are going crazy with what has occurred, but Parcells knows what he's doing. We are rebuilding for a serious run at the SuperBowl by 2005, and this year we will improve more.

Here's a recap of the NFL 1st round:

1 Chargers* - QB Philip Rivers
#2 Raiders - OT Robert Gallery
#3 Cardinals - WR Larry Fitzgerald
#4 NY Giants* - QB Eli Manning
#5 Redskins - S Sean Taylor
#6 Browns* - TE Kellen Winslow
#7 Detroit* - WR Roy Williams
#8 Atlanta - DeAngelo Hall
#9 Jackonsville - WR Reggie Williams
#10 Houston - CB Dunta Robinson
#11 Pittsburgh - QB Ben Roethlisberger
#12 NY Jets - LB Jonathen Vilma
#13 Bills - WR Lee Evans
#14 Chicago - DT Tommie Harris
#15 Tampa Bay - WR Michael Clayton
#16 Eagles* - OT Shawn Andrews
#17 Broncos - LB DJ Williams
#18 New Orleans - DE Will Smith
#19 Miami* - OG Vernon Carey
#20 Minnesota* - DE Kenechi Udeze
#21 New England - DT Vince Wilfork
#22 Buffalo* - QB JP Losman
#23 Seattle - DT Marcuss Tubbs
#24 St. Louis - RB Steven Jackson
#25 Packers - CB Ahmad Carroll
#26 Cincinnati - RB Chris Perry
#27 Texans* - DE Jason Babin
#28 Carolina* - CB Chris Gamble
#29 Atlanta* - WR Michael Jenkins
#30 Detroit* - RB Kevin Jones
#31 San Francisco* - WR Rashaun Woods
#32 Patriots - TE Ben Watson
*Trade occurred


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LA Rumors Come To An End

In an interview conducted last night, Owner Jerry Jones indicated that Larry Allen would most likely return as a Cowboy and believes it is highly unlikely that he would be traded on draft day....Jones went on to say, "At this juncture I don't see (a trade) happening. I don't think it's a stretch at all to see Larry in Dallas Cowboys colors this season."

Could this be another of Jerry Jones diplomatic speeches? Who knows, but by the sounds of it, Allen will probably return for this season.

So, how will this news effect the draft? Well, with Allen returning it would be hard to see us drafting O-line at #22, but more likely RB/DT/CB

RB is back on the radar in the 1st because the Patriots traded a 2nd rounder to the Bengals to acquire Corey Dillon. The Patriots were projected by many including us, to draft RB Steven Jackson. With the Pats getting Dillon, this could lead both Steven Jackson and Kevin Jones to drop in our laps...but wait, word out of Philly is that they are in talk to trade up to #16 to possibly acquire Jackson.

We will have to see, we could very well luck out and land Jackson, and Kevin Jones may be another RB to watch. -if neither are available or we opt out, then look for us to take D-line or CB.


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Latest Rumors - Fact or Fiction?

Well, when news was released that Allen was on tour in an attempt to broker a deal the crazy rumors could not come any faster!

The most absurd rumor came from John Clayton, were he suggest the Cowboys would offer the Raiders: Larry Allen, Dexter Coakley and the #22 pick for their #2 pick overall. This rumor is so off base and lopsided it would be the biggest draft coup next to the Hershel deal. - This rumor is fiction. Would be nice, but no way this would happen!

The second rumor belted out today is more plausible. Some Detroit Media Outlets are indicating that the Lions are prepared to make a deal for Allen which would send Allen to Detroit for the Lions 2nd round pick upping the anty and Oaklands supposed 3rd round offer.... Again, nothing is set in stone, but this makes more sense for both clubs. The Cowboys are looking to get a 2nd rounder for Allen, and the Lions may be the team to deal.

One thing is for sure, if we do infact land Detroits 2nd round pick, this will be bigtime aid for the Cowboys. Many starting positions remain up in the air, this is why the 1st day of the draft will bring in some rookies to start immediately. Whomever is drafted Rounds 1-3 WILL be expected to play at a high level and be expected to contribute early.

Let's wait for the murkey waters to clear up before we start going crazy with more draft scenarios. Don't you love the offseason?


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Larry Allen On The Move?

The Cowboys AND Larry Allen are wasting no time in finding a trade partner that will ship LA for a 3rd rounder. Allen just flew to Oakland, and is on his way to meet with Detroit. Trading LA to one of those two teams would be draft gold considering the depth in this year's draft. We could be looking at (2) 3rd rounders if a trade can be made. Don't be fooled that the 3rd round is nothing good to talk about, on the contrary, this year's talent pool is deep, so we're getting 2nd round talent poored over into the 3rd round. So, if we can get that EARLY 3rd round, plus the one we already have, we will be looking good for the draft.


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What To do - What To Do?...

Strong indications sound like the Cowboys are looking to trade Larry Allen for a draft day pick this year. It's no news that we only have (5) picks this year, Rounds 1-5..and that's it.
If the Cowboys could trade Allen for a draft pick this year, it would be of great value.

Speaking of "value" what would Larry Allen's Draft Pick value be worth at 31yrs old and with questionable health, mainly his knees? Some believe we could get a 2nd rounder for Allen, but this is really pushing the envelope on a player who has been projected to have at LEAST 2 yrs left of playing time. A 2nd rounder for 2yrs of play is just to much to give up, with not much return. You can forget a 1st rounder. It's more likely that the Cowboys could seek out a 3rd-4th rounder this year, which is not bad at all, considering how deep this year's draft is with talent.

Another scenario is that the Cowboys could use LA to trade up in a particular round, like the 2nd or 3rd round, plus a draft pick in 2005.

If the Cowboys are successful in trading out LA, then you can almost bet the bank that the Cowboys will be targeting the best Guards coming out this year. Vernon Carey, Chris Snee, or Justin Smiley.

Parcells is a draft guru, and a battle hardened draft day vet, so you can have some comfort that the pinpoint-calculated Parcells WILL have another good draft for the Cowboys.


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Latest News

Well, looks like Larry Allen is on another collision course with Parcells again. Although team workouts/conditioning programs are voluntary, Larry Allen has been the most notable no-show. Last year LA showed up to camp overweight and out of shape, and it appears that he will have a repeat season all-around. It's usually important that offensive linemen participate in team workouts since they are the most likely to bulk up and get out of shape faster.

Well, what about those that argue, its not a big deal, after all the workouts are voluntary aren't they? Yes, this is true, but this is like any other job atmosphere - if your bosses say something is voluntary, it is most likely in your best interest to volunteer, if you don't it just looks bad. It's not good for team cohesion and coach/player cohesion. If Allen has another repeat season, we can expect DeMingo Graham to step it up in his place.

Mario Edwards continues to work out daily at the Cowboys facilities and with the CB spot still open and unresolved, we could see the Cowboys re-signing Edwards to another 1yr deal for insurance purposes soon. If not, we are probably looking to draft a CB in the 1-2 rounds.

The Draft: With the NFL draft just 3 weeks away, the Cowboys will have their work cut out for themselves come draft day. As it is today, our top priorites are RB,CB, OLine, any of which could be drafted in the 1st round. I do see these positions going 1,2,3 - pick your shuffle. Our 1st day picks are going to be expected to start and contribute. Let's see what unfolds.