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What happened?

I'm sure virtually every Cowboys fan is in utter dismay as to why we have not done anything to improve the team via Free Agency, not even "midrange guys." All the Upper Tier and Mid Tier guys are gone.

So, what can we logically deduce from this inactivity?

1. RB WILL be addressed via draft (1st Round)
2. OT Will be addressed via draft (3-5 rounds)
3. CB Will be addressed via draft (2-3 rounds)
4. QB could/might be addressed via draft (1-2rounds)
5. DE may be addressed via draft if we fail to sign Wiley (1-2 rounds)

Where do we stand on Keyshawn? With the Galloway trade all but dead, the Bucs will cut Keyshawn in the next (2) weeks, before the April 1st deadline for his roster hit. Then we will sign him - In the meantime, the Cowboys will continue to feel out any trade ops for Galloway, but they will ultimately cut him if there are no takers.

The David Boston RUMOR: Forget about it, do you really want to sign another injury prone WR? We are'nt going to go after Boston - we could keep Galloway if that's the case.


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