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The New Gun, Drew Henson - Armed & Dangerous!

So, we picked up Drew Henson, what does this mean?

It means Quincy is skating on thin ice, and if he continues to be make bad decisions, then you can bet the house that Henson will be ready to jump into action and show his stuff.

Henson is your typical prototype QB, great size, build and accurate!

Henson is about 6-4.5 235 lbs. and physically fit to play in the big leagues.

In summary, Henson is big, strong, and athlectic quarterback that exhibited his ability to lead the team downfield with accuracy and that field general leadership that is needed to run the soldiers downfield into enemy territory.

Henson, is a healthy-stout player that was never injured and never missed a game from any type of injury. He is quick off the snap, and knows how far to drop back. He won't hold the ball low, so we shouldn't see the ball come out - he has great hands and great quarterback mechanics.

If Henson gets in trouble, like a strong pass rush or blitz, Henson has the mobility to elude the unblocked pass rusher. Overall, we can expect Henson to have good awareness in the pocket. He's not known to throw those illadvised passes, so that is a big plus - he is smart and very coachable.

Henson has NFL arm strength, and can throw the bullet, dumpoff, deep ball and the light feather pass with accuracy.

Some reports I have found say that Henson's only weakness may be with timing patterns and look for other open receivers other than the primary WR. We will see...I'm sure Parcells and Payton will do a great job in preparing him for the next level.

OVERALL: Henson was highly sought after by many other NFL teams, because they scouted him before and knew what he was made of. Henson's strong arm and size are what NFL scouts like, and the Cowboys have made a wise decision. Henson has been playing sports since he left Michigan, so he is in great shape and has built some muscle mass to add to his build, so for a rookie, he has already progressed physically.

The Aikman comparisons have begun, and rightfully so...they both have that "look" and the build. Henson is just turned 24 Feb. 13...

Drew, Welcome to Dallas baby!


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