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Free Agency Thin On Talent

At the beginning of the year there were a lot of big names out there that would become free agents, but as suspected, many of those big named players were given the Franchise Tag or Traded.

So are the Cowboys going to really battle it out to sign some of the tops guys remaining like Jevon Kearse, Grant Wistrom, or Duce Staley?

So far, it's expected that the 'Skins will blow more money and get Kearse, and Wistrom is leaning towards reuniting w/Vermeil in K.C.,...

At this time Staley is still out there, but probably not for much longer there are going to be other offers from Atlanta, Detroit, and Tampa.

Normally, the Cowboys don't rush into signing players, but this year they may need to bump it up a notch if they want to fill some key spots.

It's apparent that we are still in the market for a QB, keep your eye on a Henson trade, and we should also expect Garcia to workout with the Cowboys.

OT is another position that will be another priority, since we released Young, and the line is already thin as it is.

RB will need to be addressed with Garner or Staley, but Garner is likely to end up in Tampa, since Tampa lost Thomas Jones to the Bears today. Garner will likely sign with Chucky & Co. Staley would be the last viable RB out there, unless we were to trade for Dillon, which is looking bleak at this time.

DE should be addressed, but the talent pool will take a hit with Kearse and Wistrom if they sign elsewhere.

CB will be addressed, there are more players out there right now, so we should be able to land a legitimate CB.

Overall though, this Free Agency season is thin, and the Draft 2004 will be key for the Cowboys, in regards to filling thin player positions.


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