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One Less Option At QB

Various reports state that the Redskins are in the final stages of closing out a trade with Jacksonville by this week. Terms of the Trade have not been disclosed yet, but it looks like we can scratch Brunell of the list of possible vet QBs to bring into Dallas, if we chose to go that route.

So while many wanted Brunell to be a Cowboys it is not to be. At 33, Brunell would have been a short term gap stopper, and he has a history of getting injured in is late age.

So, are people talking about Kurt Warner yet? I sure hope not. Warner is definitely not going to be the answer at QB. So who then?... Griese, Fielder? no way. Even though they are both expected to be released by the 'Fins, they are mediocre Qbs at best.

Well, what about CFL's Ricky Ray? or Drew Henson? No, I doubt it.

We do know that the Steelers, Packers, and Bills are interested in Both.

I think the removal of Brunell from the QB market is somewhat pivotal for the Cowboys. The Cowboys are probably going to focus their attention on upgrading other positions via Free Agency.

We need to go after DE Grant Wistrom, maybe a CB, and maybe a WR like Darrell Jackson or Dennis Northcutt.

Signing Wistrom will let us concentrate on some quality rookies in the top rounds, we would not need to rely on the draft to get someone to fill the DE position.

I think we could make a move to move up in the draft to get a RB (Jackson or Jones) or Philip Rivers in the 1st.


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