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The Latest NFL Acquisitions, and Combine News

Although trade and FA season don't officially begin until March 3, there are some movers, and everything will be finalized that day.

We'll update you on some recent news that are of importance to the Cowboys.

- The Miami Dolphins have traded their 2005 2nd Rounder to acquire the Eagles QB A.J. Feely, now this may mean they are out of the market to get Henson or Rivers via the Draft or not, but still an interesting development.

- Very interesting news came out of St. Louis when they opted to Franchise tag OT Orlando Pace instead of DE Grant Wistrom. It's on now - time to make our move and get a quality DE.

- The Raiders have Franchise Tagged Charles Woodson, and the Ravens are probably going to do the same with McAlister, so the top 3 CBs will most likely be out of the market, probably to high for our tastes anyway; however they are still some other quality CBs out there: Jags Fernando Bryant, Eagles Bobby Taylor, and Bills Antoine Winifield are going to test the FA market.

- QB Mark Brunell finalized a deal with the 'Skins, this stretches out the 'Skins cap hits further in the coming years, in addition, the 'Skins are still trying to shop an outrageous trade (a 1st rounder, 2nd rounder and player of their choice) for Bailey who has been tagged at 6.8 million, this could also take them out of the running to get Staley or Dillon.

- Draft coin toss: the Browns won the toss and will draft the #7 pick overall and Atlanta will draft #8.

Speaking of running backs, Jones has stated that getting a top FA RB or rookie RB is a top priority this offseason. "We had an opportunity (S.Davis) last year, and we thought we were in better shape than we were," owner Jerry Jones said. "Obviously, now, we need a running back."

Now lets examine some NFL Combine News. As you know the Combines are being televised on the NFL network, but the actual live coverage has been light and honestly disappointing - too much talking, and not enough real coverage.

- Clarett had his first interview with the Cowboys and there should be nothing to read into this. The fact remains that Clarett has "potential," but he still has some growing up to do in order to play with the big boys. Clarett came into the Combines overweight and puffy, and declined to workout. Clarett has also stated that he will hold his own private workout session in early April. Clarett is dropping quickly on many mock boards and probably the same on NFL GM boards as well. It would not surprise us if Clarett gets bumped down to a 3rd rounder, and then holds out throughout camp. We could be wrong, but the negativities continue to overshadow the "potential."

- DT Randy Starks (Maryland) had a disappointing bench workout...
- DT Vince Wilfork (Miami, FL) has trimmed down from 340 to 323, 36 reps.
- DT Isaac Sopoaga (Hawaii) benched 550 lbs at 42 reps!
- DT Dwan Edwards no numbers yet, but will do all drills at combine.

- RB Chris Perry will hold workouts at Michigan
- RB Kevin Jones will hold workout at Virginia
- RB Steven Jackson will hold own workout on ProDay Oregon St.
- RB Michael Turner looked impressive and chiseled
- RB Greg Jones stated he is still not 100%, rather 95% and did not work due to right hamstring pull
- RB Cedric Cobbs very slow 40 @ 4.7
- RB Tatum Bell ran 4.42 on 40 yrd. dash

- OT Nat Dorsey somewhat disappointing, showed up flat no muscle tone.

This is all we have seen and are able to report at this time, we will continue to update breaking Combine News.


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