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Jerry Jones on Quincy, QB Rookies and Running Backs

Jerry Jones continues to make interesting statements that are sometimes vague, but at the sametime could be taken as hints of what the Cowboys may do in the draft.

For the most part, fans know the QB free agency market took a hit when the 'Skins took him out of the running - and what's left are very mediocre vets, that are equal or below Qunicy's play. This being said, its looking more and more that Quincy will indeed be our starter in 2004. Jerry Jones further reinforced this by stating "From the standpoint of free agency, I don't see [us signing a veteran quarterback]," and Jones went on to say, "It could [change] but, from whom I see out here, who could become available, I don't see it."

So probably No from the Standpoint of Free Agency, so it would appear the other more viable standpoint would be through the Draft...

"We got a couple in this draft that are right up there in terms of [Troy] Aikman in terms of what these grades are going to be," Jones said.

So, if not FA and rather the draft, who could the Cowboys be pondering on? Philip Rivers, that's who and the way certain teams are shoring up their own QB concerns -its looking like Rivers will be there at 22, unless someone like Green Bay moves up and snatches him up.

Speaking of running backs, Jones has stated that getting a top FA RB or rookie RB is a top priority this offseason. "We had an opportunity (S.Davis) last year, and we thought we were in better shape than we were," owner Jerry Jones said. "Obviously, now, we need a running back."

With the strong rumors that the 'Skins are looking to close out a trade with Denver to obtain Portis, this will up the ante on what we do in the FA RB market.

From what Jones is saying and what our hated rival may get with Portis (instant-impact offensive upgrade) I would see us making a strong run at signing Dillon, once he's released. Then we draft a RB in the second, Turner may be the best pick if he is still there in the 2nd round. He has turned heads and is looking impressive at the combines, and is free from injuries. Turner's coach has also given a strong recommendation to Parcells.

The Key is what position players we shore up before the draft. The favorable scenario would be that we pickup DE Grant Wistrom who will hit the market since the Rams tagged OT Pace instead; and if we get a player like Dillon, Staley or even Garner then we will have a greater flexibility come draft day.

Of course, Free Agent & Draft scenarios are a volatile inexact science, so we will have to continue to wait and see. The Torture continues...


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