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Gibbs To Be Very Formidable Opponent

Redskins' coach Joe Gibbs is looking to return his team to prominence sooner than later. In fact, we should expect that the Parcells vs. Gibbs rivalry to be the best league rivalry again. Although Parcells has beaten Gibbs Redskin's more than Gibbs has beaten Parcells that doesn't mean one is better than the other. This year will bring another year of great games, especially when we face the 'Skins - look out!

Gibbs has been busy trying to rebuild his team, and this years draft could be a goldmine for Gibbs. Could Gibbs walk away with a whopping (3) First Round picks in this years draft? If some of the rumors become a reality - you can count on it..

Overall, the 'Skins have the #5 pick overall,

BUT if they trade Bailey, they would have another 1st rounder possibly via Detriot #6 or Chiefs #30 - two teams that have shown interest in Bailey.

AND if Ramsey gets traded, they would get yet another 1st rounder via Dolphins #20 -who have stated they would part with their pick to acquire Ramsey.

(3) First rounders for the 'Skins would be an amazing draft coup. With a deep draft drenched with talented players, the 'Skins could walk away with (3) immediate impact starters.

#5 Overall
#6 via Detriot?? (Bailey) or #30 via Chiefs?? (Bailey)
#20 via Dolphins?? (Ramsey)

This is why Gibbs will be a very formidable opponent for years to come.


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