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WR Tim Brown Coming To Dallas? Corey..

That's right, Tim Brown has been making the notion of finishing his career as a Dallas Cowboy. Brown first made such possibilities on the Fox Pre-Game Show on Wild Card Weekend, stating he "could contribute to the (Cowboys) offense". No we hear about it again in an interview on with Rich Eisen.

When Eisen asked Tim Brown of any teams he would want to play for he stated, "At this particular point, you know, Rich, to be honest, Year 17 I'm not trying to uproot my family and go to New England or some place like that. I make my home in Dallas and my father would love to see me wearing that star on my helmet. That probably would be the only team I would play for. If I couldn't play for the Cowboys, I probably would look at retiring."

Sure Brown is old, but who knows maybe this future hall of famer could do well in his last years, maybe help the Cowboys get to the "Big Show"

I think Brown feels that he is going to be released, so his letting it be known that he would like to finish out his career in Dallas. Lets see what happens.

The offseason promises to be a very exciting time for the Dallas Cowboys and the fans. Yeah, we got blown away in our return to the playoffs, but you know what? The Cowboys are on the rise.

There is more speculation on the status of Bengals RB Corey Dillon. Dillon has been very outspoken, and even stated he wanted out of Cincy, and traded to Dallas. Corey still has 2 yrs left on his contract, so the Bengals have several options - release Dillon and take the cap hit, Trade Dillon, or keep him. The latter seems unlikely, most of his teamates are fed up with his desire to leave the Bengals, they want him gone too.

"If you don't want to be here, if you don't want to pay the price this man (coach Marvin Lewis) is demanding you pay, get 'em out of here, man," said offensive tackle Willie Anderson, who blocked for Dillon and took his comments personally. "Bye. Good riddance."

We probably won't hear much until Cincy's other RB, Restricted Free Agent Rudi Johnson is re-signed, once this is done, look for the Bengals to make a move.

If we're talking about a trade, the Cowboys would have to look at the pros/cons to a trade. The most probable player to be traded would probably be WR Joey Galloway. The Bengals would improve their WR even more, and remember, Galloway came out of Ohio State. The main thing is what kind out cap hit would we be trading for, how much is Dillon getting paid - could we restructure it? They are many questions, but I'm sure as the offseason progresses we will know soon enough.


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