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Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over

Well, most people predicated the Cowboys to win against the Panthers including myself. I guess we were all brought back down to earth. Although we had a relatively successful season this year at 10-6 we still have major issues to address in the offseason.

Some state that this was a make or break game for Quincy Carter. I think he made some bad plays, that aided in the loss, but he was not the only one. It seems like no one showed up to play.

So, will QC's playoff loss guarentee the Cowboys will bring in a free agent QB. That would be a logical assumption, but that will probably be determined with what the Cowboys do with the RB situation. If the Cowboys are able to land a quality RB, then this maaaay allow QC to stay as the starting QB.

On the other hand, what if the Cowboys get a quality QB in the offseason AND a quality rookie RB?

Peyton Manning is the biggest name out there. Mark Brunell will probably be in the market, as well as Kurt Warner. ANd rumors are swirling that Drew Bledsoe will be released by the Bills.

YES, the offseason is going to be very interesting and exciting. The Cowboys can only improve on what was already a great turnaround year.


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