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Senior Bowl Favorites - Rivers & Jones Stock Rising

Rest assured the Cowboys scouting team was in full force at this year's Senior Bowl. Some key positions of interest for the Cowboys had some players that played well.

I gotta tell you. The new buzz is going to be N.C. State's QB Philip Rivers and I've liked this guy's play all year long and think he's been severely underrated as a top pick in this years draft. After watching Rivers take command and drive for 3 straight scores I like this QB more. River's stock may have skyrocketed after his leadership and commanding presence on the field.

Some people want to criticize the way he throws the ball, they call it a 3/4 throw. This is the silliest critique I've heard. Shoot, depending on what the Cowboys do in Free Agency, Rivers may have upped his rank on the Cowboys board. This guy will not go past the mid 2nd round.

Another player that showed amazing skills was Florida States RB Greg Jones, did you see this kid run? Jones suffered a knee injury in 2002 and has continued to recover from it, but wow! Jones pulled out all the moves - he ran over people, ran threw tackles with authority, bounced out and made some nice cuts upfield. I guarantee you, Greg Jones' stock has risen considerably. Very Physical runner. I could see Jones high on the Cowboys board, and probably higher now. Even though the Senior Bowl games are designed to showcase the passing game, Greg Jones took full advantage at every touch of the ball.

Other backs that did well all week and somewhat in today's game were Tatum Bell, Bell has a quick burst and can make cuts on the dime; Michael Turner continued to play well all week and in today's game he ran with power and kept his feet moving, it took 2-3 guys to bring him completely down; and Cedric Cobbs was the other back that played well and scored a TD. Jones ruled all in today's game. The only thing that may hurt Jones is the knee recovery factor, but then again, today's game may have dispelled those thoughts. The NFL combine will test Jones' physical endurance and more. The NFL combine may be the last thing to totally assure Jone's capability to play big time football.

Another possible interest for the Cowboys may be Darnell Dockett, but after this weeks monster dominating play and big time plays in today's game, he may not be available at the 22nd pick if that's what the Cowboys decide to do. Dockett's stock will surely up him in the draft boards of many teams. Dockett will be an immediate impact starter, you can guarantee it.

Some receivers that we liked in today's game where Ohio's WR Michael Jenkins. Jenkins played very well and showed big time clutch catch abilities. Impressive play.

Same thing for VTech's WR Ernest Wilford - great size and speed and sure hands will make Wilford a great addition for any team in need of a WR, including the Cowboys.

LSU's WR Devery Henderson, also has great size and runs his routes well. The Rivers to Henderson hookups were amazing plays, they were clicking on all cylinders.

USC's WR Keary Colbert known to be a smart and very physical player found his way into the endzone as well. Colbert's great ability to gain yardage after the catch will be a great asset to teams looking to upgrade the Slot position.

This year's draft is going to be very exciting, and I'm sure Parcells will make some draft moves to get the guys he wants. Is it possible that Parcells may be interested in drafting Rivers? I bet he moved up significantly on his board, the question is, will he be there at the 22nd pick. The draft hype has surrounded our immediate need to fill the RB or DE position, but what if QB Philip Rivers is available - do we draft him? I know we're going to see a lot of board activity surrounding Rivers as a possible pickup. I would feel good about picking him up - this kid has leadership presence all over him. It's going to be interesting.


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