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Possible Draft Picks

Let't take a deeper look at some of the Rookie Prospects of interest at TheDallasCowboys.Net WarRoom.

The 1st round pick is going to be interesting. I believe what we do in free agency will sway what we pick up at the 22nd pick.

RB Michael Turner - Northern Illinois: While it would be nice to get a Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones, its highly unlikely they will be there at 22. So this brings us to what may be the secret gem for the Cowboys - The Portis type steal. Size, strength and speed will make Turner a great addition to the Cowboys offense. Turner has the burst speed to take it outside on a sweep, or sprint up the middle with power. Turner is also dangerous coming out of the backfield, he is very fluid and elusive, and can make people miss. It takes more than an arm tackle to bring this guy down.

1Round Alternate
DE Antwan Odom - Alabama: If available, Odom would be just the guy to bolster up our shallow DE position. Odom is ready to take it to the next level. This junior prospect has the size at 6'-5'' 280 to bring down the quarter back or bust up plays in the backfield. Bringing on Odom would add another weapon to our already strong defense, but it would also allow double teams to be ineffective - O lines would not be able to doubleup our defenders. Odom has an amazing burst off the line and quick feet to change directions to make a run down tackle.

If we go Offense with the 1st pick then the 2nd rounder would be defense-

2nd Round
DE Nathaniel Adibi - Virginia Tech: Adibi in the 2 round would be an exceptional pick up here. Adibi has a lot of playing time under his belt by playing all his games since he was a freshman. Adibi is slightly faster than Odom, and can come off the Line with some amazing speed, and could come around the corner to make the big hit sacks, and cause fumbles.

2nd Round Alternate
CB Will Poole - USC : The Cowboys will likely draft a CB somewhere in the draft, and Will Poole would be a good selection here. Poole has played early in college and this has paid big dividends. Poole is big, fast, and physical. He can shut you down, tackle RBs, and make some hits. A well rounded CB, Poole would probably crack into the starting rotation.

3rd Round
OT Carlos Joseph - Miami (FL.): Joseph may not be here at the 3rd round, but if his name is still on the board, this would be a pretty good selection. Joseph is a big, strong intimidating Tackle at 6'-6' 340lbs. Joseph is a scrapper and will knock you down on a regular basis. Joseph registered 41 pancakes his senior year. Equal abilities to Run Block and Pass Block.

3rd Round Alternate
WR B.J. Johnson - Texas: Not to be overshadowed by his team mate Roy Williams, a probable high 1st rounder, Johnson has made many clutch plays throughtout his career at Texas. This is a big time playmaker and if untaken by the 3rd round here, we need to pick him up. The Cowboys will need to upgrade the WR position somewhere in this years draft and Johnson would be a absolute steal pick here. Johnson could shore up the WR core with solid reliable hands. Something the Cowboys are missing. Johnson runs his routes and is known to be a great student of the game as well. Johnson's gameplan study has enabled him to make some big time plays and find spots to get the ball. Johnson is also physical and will take the big hits in the middle.

4th Round
DT Dwan Edwards - Oregon State: Edwards could be another hidden gem in this years draft. Edwards will probably be drafted anywhere from the 2-4 round. Edwards has a powerful lower body and is difficult to block out against the run. Edwards is a big time run stopper and is able to sniff out the run. Edwards could make strong competion to be in the starting rotation along side Glover, or at least in the DT rotation. Bring him in on run plays and the running game will be completely shutdown.

4th Round Alternate
OT Rodney Reed - LSU: Part of that viscious O-line at LSU, Reed is a well rounded Tackle. With great technique and feet/hand skills Reed could be a good addition at the OT position. At 6'-4'' 292 Reed could probably even be moved over to an OG position if needed. Reed is known for his greeat on & off the field leadrship. An all around smart player that could add some valued leadership and depth on the O-line.

5th Round
OLB Pasha Jackson - Oklahoma: This years OLB crop is not the best this year, but Jackson has played in a lot of big time games, and has game experience which could be molded in the NFL. Jackson can make some big hits, and may be considered for special teams play or backup to one of our OLB's.

5th Round Alternate:
CB Jabari Greer - Tennesse: I wouldn't be surprised if Parcells takes 2 CBs somewhere in the draft and with the Cowboys last pick in the 5th round, Greer could be another good pickup. Greer is a speedster, and even a track star for Tennesse's track & field team. Greer could also add some needed depth at CB, and could compete for a nickel/dime position.

Finally, let's look at some "sleeper picks" that could go anywhere from the 2nd-7th rounds.

OG Monrenko Crittenden - Auburn: Why Crittenden? Well, its possible that the Cowboys may want to look ahead for a solid replacement for Larry Allen. Allen has maybe 1-2yrs max left in him. Crittenden is a big OG at 6'-5'' 350lbs and will blow defenders off the line. Crittenden specializes in Run Blocking, but can also pass block as well. Crittenden has been a favorite blocker for their running backs Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams, so some of their success can be attributed to Crittenden.

OG Lamar Bryant - Maryland: Another OG possibility is Lamar Bryant. Bryant could be a strong choice in the 3rd Round. Another future replacement for Larry Allen. Bryant is a mauler off the line and has well rounded skills in run blocking and pass blocking. Very athlectic and nasty mean streak in the trenches make Bryant a sought after OG, that will be a starter.

SS Arnold Parker - Utah: Woodson does not have many years left in him, so looking to the future could land Parker as a selection by the Cowboys. Parker may be drafted anywhere from late 3rd- 5th round. Parker has good size, great closing speed, and Parker will lay the wood on you.

CB Ahmad "Batman" Carroll - Arkansas: Another possible prospect that me be on the Cowboys board. Carroll may be picked up in the late 2nd-late 3rd round. Carroll would be another great pickup. Carroll has blistering speed runs the 40 in 4.35. Great man on man coverage and valuable recovery speed when needed. Great vision and speed make him a possible pick up.

WR Keary Colbert - USC: Colbert could be a spark plug receiver that makes big plays, and after the catch yards by dishing out hits rather than receive them. Colbert is very physical with the TE/FB agressiveness. You won't see Colbert run out of bands that much. His sure hand and agressive nature could land him in Valley Ranch. Take your choice - we need Colbert or B.J. Johnson in our offensive schemes.

RB Jarrett Payton - Miami (FL.): Possibly one of the most underrated RBs in this years draft. Should be drafted anywhere from the 4th-5th Round. No negative off field baggage - Payton has size, strength, and heart to be a pretty good back in the NFL. Payton's high competiveness may have him competing for a RB rotation position. Depending on what the Cowboy's do in the offseason at RB, Payton could be a huge steal in this years draft.


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