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Playoff Bound - The Cowboys are in!!

Parcells & staff have done it, they have done what was once thought to be an unattainable goal. Jerry Jones went on to state "This season is beyond expectations," "You have to give credit to coach Parcells." Well guess what, with great coaching and players believing in themselves The 'Boys have clinched a playoff birth. Besides a few penalties, everyone played well for the 2nd straight week. Scoring was made by TE Jason Witten, and 4 field goals by Cundiff.

The Eagles lost 31-28 at home in OT against the 49ers, so there is still a chance the Cowboys could win the NFC East, should the Eagles lose on the road against
the 'Skins.

Begs the Question? Let's briefly talk about Antonio Bryants play. Yesterday, once again he dropped a key pass were he could have scored. The ball basically hit him in the face. This is becoming a weekly thing with Bryant this year. So, his play has been increasingly inconsistent. So, it begs the question - what is going on with Antonio? Does he need glasses? Does he have a depth preception problem? Is he on drugs? He is NOT concentrating on catching the ball, there is something there. Bryant will be entering his third year next year, and Parcells has stated that players need to "show" him something in a players third year or they will be cut.

Final Regular Season Game: Dallas at New Orleans


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