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NFC Playoff Predictions - Rematches & More Rematches

Well, the playoff picture is set. Wow - What an amazing season it has been and I'm sure there will be more exciting games in the coming weeks. Lets talk about how the Cowboys come into the picture. As you know by now, the Cowboys lost yesterday, dropping us to the 6th seed. But really, this could be a great thing. Why?

Well, we will be playing Carolina again, so we know we can beat them, this time around may be harder, but a win at Carolina is very possible - assuming we don't have turnovers.

Green Bay will host the Seahawks, Green Bay should be able to win, Favre has his team on fire.

So wins by Dallas and Green Bay would advance to the next round, where:

Dallas would travel to Philadelphia in a rematch. We split the games this season, so the Eagles are definitely beatable at home. The Key is turnovers and a better gameplan than the one the Cowboys had last time around.

Green Bay would travel to St. Louis. This is could be a great matchup.

If the Cowboys win in Philly, they would then travel again to St. Louis or Green Bay. At this point I would prefer to play the Rams in the Championship. I like the matchups. The Cowboys matchup pretty good with the Rams, who ever the QB is Bulger or Warner, the Cowboys will have some opportunities for some INTS, bit of their QBs have been pretty erratic. Not say that the Cowboys don't have QB issues as well. Quincy will need to play his smartest ball in the playoffs, or you can stick a fork in the 'Boys.

The team that could be in the Championship game as well is the Packers, this team is on fire, and Favre is playing at a high level, with determination and probably playing as a tribute to his father which passed away last week.

The entire Playoffs could end up being full of key rematches. 1st we will be playing Carolina, if we win we would rematch Philly, if we win would would play the NCF championship, could be an oldschool rivalry rematch against the Packers, and finally, in the SuperBowl, the Cowboys could rematch The Patriots! Talk about some craziness.

Of Course, these are all what ifs, remember the cliche - anyone can win on any given sunday.

Either way, the Cowboys have surpassed all expectations so far, everything else is icing on the cake.

Next Game: Wild Card (Sat) - Dallas @ Carolina 7PM (cst) on ABC


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