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Eagles Destroy Cowboys 36-10

In yet another disappointing outing, the Dallas Cowboys went into Philly with the hopes of pulling out a key win. Unfortunately, this was not be as the Cowboys failed to move the ball effectively - which seems to be the crux of the Cowboys.

The Defense played well, but they could only hold up for so much, and without any help coming from the offense, the team as a whole imploded in the 2nd half.

Parcells had stated earlier in the week that mature teams find a way to win despite bad officiating, injuries and adversity. Well, today's game proved his point. The Cowboys are not ready to take that next level just yet.

Let's discuss something interesting - the offensive gameplan.
It seems that the gameplan was centered around running the ball which could open up the passing game. The running game was decent today, but Quincy turned the ball over 2 times when he threw the ball, plus one fumbled handoff.

Obviously, Parcells knew that "turnovers" would make a huge difference in the game, so the question begs...Does Parcells not have enough confidence in Quincy? It sure is a possibility, but we don't know.

Moreover, Parcells has stated that the month of December would be a key month in evaluating Quincy's progress. If Carter continues to make bad decisions, he will not be the starter next year. Look for the Cowboys to make an upgrade.

Holes that need attention:

Quarter Back - Depending on how Quincy finishes the rest of the season, the Cowboys may need to pickup a quality QB in freeagency. I don't see the Cowboys drafting a rookie QB and then expect him to run the team.

Running Back - Hambrick has shown some flashes, but it simply is not going to get the job done if the Cowboys are looking to get deep into the playoffs and win a Super Bowl.

Defensive End - Ebenezer did not play, instead he was replaced with Eric Ogbogu. The only bright spot at DE play is Greg Elliss. Look for the Cowboys to upgrade the DE in the offseason.

Corner Back - Releasing Derek Ross has made our CB core thin and weak. Mario Edwards was signed to a 1 yr deal. I think we know why, Edwards is being evaluated, and he has played horrible lately. Our CB depth will be improved in the offseason.

Depending on what the Cowboys do in the offseason, as far as Free Agency acquisitions go will play a big role on on draft needs.

Next Game: Dallas at Washington


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