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NFC Playoff Predictions - Rematches & More Rematches

Well, the playoff picture is set. Wow - What an amazing season it has been and I'm sure there will be more exciting games in the coming weeks. Lets talk about how the Cowboys come into the picture. As you know by now, the Cowboys lost yesterday, dropping us to the 6th seed. But really, this could be a great thing. Why?

Well, we will be playing Carolina again, so we know we can beat them, this time around may be harder, but a win at Carolina is very possible - assuming we don't have turnovers.

Green Bay will host the Seahawks, Green Bay should be able to win, Favre has his team on fire.

So wins by Dallas and Green Bay would advance to the next round, where:

Dallas would travel to Philadelphia in a rematch. We split the games this season, so the Eagles are definitely beatable at home. The Key is turnovers and a better gameplan than the one the Cowboys had last time around.

Green Bay would travel to St. Louis. This is could be a great matchup.

If the Cowboys win in Philly, they would then travel again to St. Louis or Green Bay. At this point I would prefer to play the Rams in the Championship. I like the matchups. The Cowboys matchup pretty good with the Rams, who ever the QB is Bulger or Warner, the Cowboys will have some opportunities for some INTS, bit of their QBs have been pretty erratic. Not say that the Cowboys don't have QB issues as well. Quincy will need to play his smartest ball in the playoffs, or you can stick a fork in the 'Boys.

The team that could be in the Championship game as well is the Packers, this team is on fire, and Favre is playing at a high level, with determination and probably playing as a tribute to his father which passed away last week.

The entire Playoffs could end up being full of key rematches. 1st we will be playing Carolina, if we win we would rematch Philly, if we win would would play the NCF championship, could be an oldschool rivalry rematch against the Packers, and finally, in the SuperBowl, the Cowboys could rematch The Patriots! Talk about some craziness.

Of Course, these are all what ifs, remember the cliche - anyone can win on any given sunday.

Either way, the Cowboys have surpassed all expectations so far, everything else is icing on the cake.

Next Game: Wild Card (Sat) - Dallas @ Carolina 7PM (cst) on ABC


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2004 Playoff Picture Clear Now

The playoff schedule has cleared up in the NFC.

The Cowboys will be playing The Carolina Panthers in the Wild Card Weekend.

Green Bay will host The Seahawks.

Rams & Eagles ahve 1st Round Byes.

Next Game: Wild Card - Dallas at Carolina

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Playoff Picture

With the Cowboys lose, the Cowboys will be on the road as the 6th Seed. Seattle is in, The Packers can still get in if they beat the Broncos, and if Minnesote loses to Arizona. We'll update the complete NFC schedule later.
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More Interceptions, Cowboys LOSE 13-7

The Cowboys lose at New Orleans 13-7. In yet another dismal offensive outing by Quincy Carter, the Cowboys blow a chance to close out the regular season with a win. The Cowboys seemed to be moving the ball OK, but Quincy's bad decisions cost them another game. QC threw for 1 TD and 3 INTS, if the Cowboys want to advance in the playoffs then the consistent INTS must stop. Quincy finishes the season with 17TDS & 21 INTS. The Cowboys are still in the playoffs, but their seeding positioning may change.


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Playoff Bound - The Cowboys are in!!

Parcells & staff have done it, they have done what was once thought to be an unattainable goal. Jerry Jones went on to state "This season is beyond expectations," "You have to give credit to coach Parcells." Well guess what, with great coaching and players believing in themselves The 'Boys have clinched a playoff birth. Besides a few penalties, everyone played well for the 2nd straight week. Scoring was made by TE Jason Witten, and 4 field goals by Cundiff.

The Eagles lost 31-28 at home in OT against the 49ers, so there is still a chance the Cowboys could win the NFC East, should the Eagles lose on the road against
the 'Skins.

Begs the Question? Let's briefly talk about Antonio Bryants play. Yesterday, once again he dropped a key pass were he could have scored. The ball basically hit him in the face. This is becoming a weekly thing with Bryant this year. So, his play has been increasingly inconsistent. So, it begs the question - what is going on with Antonio? Does he need glasses? Does he have a depth preception problem? Is he on drugs? He is NOT concentrating on catching the ball, there is something there. Bryant will be entering his third year next year, and Parcells has stated that players need to "show" him something in a players third year or they will be cut.

Final Regular Season Game: Dallas at New Orleans


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Dallas Pro Bowlers Announced Today

The NFC Pro Bowl roster was announced Today and the Cowboys have four players going to Honolulu, Hawaii., the most since 1999. However only two of those four are first-team selections: Roy Williams and Flozell Adams. The other two selections are Larry Allen, this will be his 8th ProBowl! and La'Roi Glover was selected to his fourth straight Pro Bowl, the second as a Cowboy. Pro Bowl starters will be announced Wild Card Weekened (Jan. 3-4, 2004).

I know what you're thinking - only four players??! That's right. And while thess are the most Pro Bowlers selected since 1999, there definitely could have been a few more than just four players.

Players that I think should have been selected: Darren Woodson, Dat Nguyen, Richie Anderson, and Terrence Newman.

Both Darren and Dat have played solid ball all year long. Richie Anderson has been a huge boost to our offensive, and Terrence Newman was thrown into the "lion's den" and has played like a seasoned veteran.


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Cowboys SHUTOUT Redskins 27-0!!

When asked about the importance and possible playoff implications against the Redskins, Parcells stated, "We won't make it.." if the Cowboys were to lose; however, the Cowboys responded with a great game by shutting out the Redskins.

Overall, the Cowboys were clicking on all cylinders: the special teams; kicking game; defense; and the offense.

Players of the game were Terrance Newman with 3 ints and Troy Hambrick with 188 yrds. rushing.

The Cowboys now improve to 9-5, and need 1 more win to clinch their wild game. The Cowboys will be playing the Giants at Tx Stadium and then finish the season on the road at New Orleans. Let's hope this game gave the Cowboys the inspiration they needed.

Next Game: Dallas at Home vs. Giants


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Quick Glance at 2004 Draft Needs

With 3 regular season games left, we now know the needs of the Dallas Cowboys. I have put together a quick glance of some players to watch for 2004's NFL Draft.

Remember everything is predicated on what the Cowboys do with Free Agency this offseason. Below are some prospects to watch (in no particular order).

It is safe to say the Cowboys should draft a RB in the 1st Round - here are some top RBs:

1. Kevin Jones Jr. Virginia Tech 6-0 215
2. Steven Jackson Jr. Oregon State 6-1 230
3. Carnell Williams Jr. Auburn 5-11 200
4. Cedric Benson Jr. Texas 6-0 205

Next we need a DE to replace Ekuban - here are a few DEs:

1. Will Smith Defensive End 6-3 260 Ohio State
2. Antwan Odom Defensive End 6-4 280 Alabama
3. Chris Canty Defensive End 6-5 270 Virginia
4. Bo Schobel Defensive End 6-5 265 TCU
5. David Pollack Defensive End 6-2 270 Georgia

Next we need to add some depth to secondary - here are a few CBs:

1. DeAngelo Hall Jr. Virginia Tech 5-11 200
2. Marlin Jackson Jr. Michigan 6-1 185
3. Derrick Strait Sr. Oklahoma 5-11 195
4. Chris Gamble Jr. Ohio State 6-2 185
5. Keiwan Ratliff Sr. Florida 5-9 170
6. Nathan Vasher Sr. Texas 5-10 175
7. Shawntae Spencer Sr. Pittsburgh 6-2 185
8. Joey Thomas Sr. Montana State 6-2 195
9. Keith Smith Sr. McNeese State 5-11 185
10.Vontez Duff Sr. Notre Dame 5-11 195

Of course this is just a glance at potential picks for 2004 for areas of need. We will revisit this discussion more in the offseason.


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Eagles Destroy Cowboys 36-10

In yet another disappointing outing, the Dallas Cowboys went into Philly with the hopes of pulling out a key win. Unfortunately, this was not be as the Cowboys failed to move the ball effectively - which seems to be the crux of the Cowboys.

The Defense played well, but they could only hold up for so much, and without any help coming from the offense, the team as a whole imploded in the 2nd half.

Parcells had stated earlier in the week that mature teams find a way to win despite bad officiating, injuries and adversity. Well, today's game proved his point. The Cowboys are not ready to take that next level just yet.

Let's discuss something interesting - the offensive gameplan.
It seems that the gameplan was centered around running the ball which could open up the passing game. The running game was decent today, but Quincy turned the ball over 2 times when he threw the ball, plus one fumbled handoff.

Obviously, Parcells knew that "turnovers" would make a huge difference in the game, so the question begs...Does Parcells not have enough confidence in Quincy? It sure is a possibility, but we don't know.

Moreover, Parcells has stated that the month of December would be a key month in evaluating Quincy's progress. If Carter continues to make bad decisions, he will not be the starter next year. Look for the Cowboys to make an upgrade.

Holes that need attention:

Quarter Back - Depending on how Quincy finishes the rest of the season, the Cowboys may need to pickup a quality QB in freeagency. I don't see the Cowboys drafting a rookie QB and then expect him to run the team.

Running Back - Hambrick has shown some flashes, but it simply is not going to get the job done if the Cowboys are looking to get deep into the playoffs and win a Super Bowl.

Defensive End - Ebenezer did not play, instead he was replaced with Eric Ogbogu. The only bright spot at DE play is Greg Elliss. Look for the Cowboys to upgrade the DE in the offseason.

Corner Back - Releasing Derek Ross has made our CB core thin and weak. Mario Edwards was signed to a 1 yr deal. I think we know why, Edwards is being evaluated, and he has played horrible lately. Our CB depth will be improved in the offseason.

Depending on what the Cowboys do in the offseason, as far as Free Agency acquisitions go will play a big role on on draft needs.

Next Game: Dallas at Washington


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CB - Derek Ross RELEASED

In a surprising move, the Dallas Cowboys released 2nd year CB - Derek Ross. Ross had a good season last year with 5 INTS; however, Ross has been plagued with injuries, sloppy play, and missed meetings.

Parcells, was fed up with Ross and let him go without blinking. Ross is GONE. Many people believe this stark move was a message to the team. Hopefully, it will get across - knowing "Parcells football" I think it will.

Pete Hunter and Mario Edwards will need to step it up. The Cowboys brought up Erik Bickerstaff and Rashard Lee, both RBs.

Zuriel Smith may get another shot at Special Teams, lets hope he doesn't fumble the ball.